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America, uniquely among all other nations, was founded on freedom and liberty. (And don't play the slavery card.  Americans didn't invent slavery.  They abolished it.)  Read the history of any other people.  You'll find…


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I'll be Back

This weekend I'm moving into Brother Bill's trailer and so I'll be mostly off line until I get internet connection set up some time next week.  Have fun kids and play nice.

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The chief twit

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Aging Chanteuse is Hot Again With Vocal Tribute to the Internet

QUESADILLA, Texas. Vikki Flores is an 80 year-old chanteuse who has sung for five vice presidents, but she hasn’t had a top-selling record in over two decades. She hopes to end that losing streak with her new CD “That Crazy, Wacky Thing We Call the Internet,” an attempt to re-position herself for a youthful audience “hip” to technological innovation.


Vikki, in her salad days.


“I was in my urologist’s office and I read an article that said the…


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Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Files for Divorce

Anthony Scaramucci’s Wife Files for Divorce:  Anthony Scaramucci’s wife of three years is reportedly fed up with his ruthless quest to get close to President Trump - whom she reportedly despises - and has filed for divorce from the new White House communications director.  Rumor has it her attorneys are asking that the country be included in the divorce settlement.  Anyway, it might be a good idea for someone to let Ann Coulter know the Mooch is available. …


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At the Hospital

Isn't amazing how that phone call just makes everything else extraneous?

Dad called me at 9:22 p.m. to let me know that he was in the ambulance headed to the hospital with chest pains and gas. I made the drive in 45 minutes, thank you Google maps, and I am sitting in the emergency room cubicle listening to his…


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I can't make this shit up.

I need to write this.

I need to get this toxic sludge out of my system.

I need to watch the murky, black, hateful thoughts and memories leave my mind.  I have to purge this bile from me.  And then perhaps, perhaps, I will be granted a slight unconscious reprieve from the wretched menu that this week has presented to me.


On Monday, it was a roller coaster.  The high hill being that I found out from a school I'd interviewed with, and with whom I…


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Who Knew?

Today we will be going (again) to the cell-phone store.  No, I won’t say which one, because…well I just won’t.  We are not getting calls anymore…oh sure I get notified of a message, but no calls.  I’m serious.

At our stage in life each call is precious…maybe not precious but important,  (at least to us it is).  Can you tell we don’t get many calls?

There are a few other things to do also…h-m-m-m.  It is rough being retired. There is a…


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WSJ's Peggy Noonan on the "Drama Queen"-in-Chief

July 27, 2017 6:06 p.m. ET…


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The Great Health Care Compromise of 2017

Mitch McConnell failed to deliver on this promise:

All Trump cares about is putting his name on things, the bigger the better, in order to declare a "huuuge" success.

The alt-right conservatives, racist darlings that they are, want to remove Obama's name from the Presidential record and deny him a legacy and a place in history.

All of…


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Bile Drive Helps Victims of "Cocktail Party Syndrome"

NEEDHAM, Mass.  It’s only ten o’clock in the morning, but Mort Klark is sitting down at an outpatient clinic here to eat a heavy meal that looks like a picture from a TV dinner box; Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and apple crisp for dessert.  “I don’t usually fill up early in the day like this,” he says, “but it’s for a good cause.”

“When that kid gets a dose of my special…


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GREED II (On The Occasion of the Just Survival of the Affordable Care Act)

Ms Murkowski, Ms Collins, Mr McCain show that GREED is not so native to our condition, so endemic to who Americans are, that decency and the Common Good cannot, at signal moments, emerge and win. Justice outs. 


     It is the nature of evil to…


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DONALD JR. Gets Pinkish Slip from Orangish FATHER! Satirically Yours...

Dear Fruit of my Loins…


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Slug Mucus Glue That Stops Internal Bleeding Created

Slug Mucus Glue That Stops Internal Bleeding Created:  Scientists say a sticky slug mucus has been used to create a glue that can stop internal bleeding by binding biological tissues together - even if they are wet.  So let me get this straight, you’re bleeding internally because you’ve taken a slug from a 45 caliber revolver, and then you’re saved because you’ve taken another slug and used its mucus to stop the bleeding?  Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe…


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Tomorrow Will Be Better

It’s been a day.  It started after sunup when I went to the garage to open the kiln and unload a bisque firing, mostly consisting of 4X4 and 5X5 clay tiles.

The kiln sits in a corner of the garage next to a window that I had opened for ventilation on one side and a number of plastic tubs full of glaze chemicals on the other.  After I started the kiln firing I noticed that several 2X2 foot squares of plywood at the end of the plastic bins were getting pretty hot, so I moved them around…


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predatory capitalism, the unspeakable/ unthinkable

hi all, recently came across a new video interview from a few months ago from a dutch banker named Ronald Bernard.[a1][a2] heard about it but didnt get to it/ watch it until 2 nites ago. his information is incredible, sensational, critical, and incendiary. some will label it "conspiracy theory" others would label it "suppressed/ censored truth". the interview went viral with over 20M hits but there are presumably many who didnt watch the whole thing. but 20M…


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fatal est ma morsure fatal is my bite

fatal est ma morsure

prenez connaissance des mots…


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Locals on Edge as Philatelists Descend on Small Town

LONE JACK, Mo.  This town of 528 inhabitants southeast of Kansas City presents an idyllic face to a first-time visitor, with boys playing marbles on street corners and girls performing elaborate “Double Dutch” jump-rope routines in bare-dirt backyards.

Lone Jack (not shown actual size)


“This place hasn’t changed much since I was growing up,” says Claude Boul, a retired insurance agent who celebrated his 86th birthday last weekend.  “We have two…


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Stem Cell Brain Implants Could Slow Aging Process in Humans

Stem Cell Brain Implants Could Slow Aging Process in Humans:  Scientists announced they have slowed down the aging process in animals by implanting stem cells into the hypothalamus region of their brains, raising hopes that implants into the “almond-sized” hypothalamus of humans could help combat age-related diseases and therefore extend the human lifespan.  In related news, Trader Joe’s has almonds on sale all this week for just $4.99 a pound, but…


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An extreme (and fairly short) lesser-evilism hypothetical

Someone criticized me the other day for my lesser evilism in the last election. (The last election was not the topic of discussion.) Given the events of the last few days - the transgender in the military pronouncement and the Justice Dept. claiming that LGBTQ individuals are not protected by the Civil Righs Act - the "lesser" part of lesser evilism is becoming more obvious, so I decided to write about lesser evilism a bit.


Let's say we all live… Continue

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