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These are a Few of My New Favorite Things (OS Archives 2011)

 ~ The first and most exciting entry ~

Quilting a baby quilt ! 

Yes, our oldest son and his girlfriend are expecting their first child, a girl.  She is due in two weeks. The quilt I am making for her is the first I've made since this tapestry quilt I made many moons ago that graced my sons' bedroom walls. I'd forgotten how much I love to piece fabric and stitch to create…


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Tears For Oslo

Tom and Asmund  

I wake stunned by the reports of what happened in Oslo yesterday. It touches close to home because at 2:00 CT yesterday afternoon I was scheduled to have a video conference with a friend and colleague in Oslo. When I logged online to find Asmund, I found instead the first notices of what was going on over there…a bombing in Oslo, a report of shots fired at a youth camp outside of the city.

The scope of the pain is hard for me to register. Perhaps it is an innate…


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lightning capture

The heat has been beyond oppressive these last days. I tell myself it could be worse... could be in Texas witnessing the genesis of this century's dust bowl.

Here, at least we get some rain.

Even with the temps as they have been, we sit outside every evening before sunset. Cicada's cacaphony is the background music this week. The martins fly far above the trees doing their mosquito round-up, then later, just at dusk, the tiny bats who can turn on a dime flit around…


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A Brief History of Dentistry

JULY 11, 2011 8:33AM

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 Disclosure: I just finished that indispensable writer’s guide, Killer…


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That Quick

originally posted on July 9, 2011. The husband in this piece is still alive but Alzheimers' has changed him quite a bit in the ensuing four years. I still occasionally play for services at the old age home. The population who attend those services has shrunk. 

I don't know how to write about this.

I'm not sure why I want to. I don't normally write personal stuff here.

I play piano for a religious service at an old age…


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fireworks, madness, pain--- it's all fun 'til you lose an eye

I'm the old man who says stuff like my parents said way back when. 

"It's all fun 'til you lose an eye!"

Does anyone listen? No, no they don't.


The 4th is nuts here in "the dotte." Fireworks are still legal. Smoking in bars too. They say "good for tourism."


As dark descends all the local crazies, same folks who don't have two pennies to rub together the rest of the year, break out what has to be hundreds, maybe thousands of…


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