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Sandy's Come Home to West Virginia

Webster Springs   

8:07am Tuesday, October 30, 2012 

The residence of Philomella Lowe just north of the incorporated township of Addison, West Virgina.   Addison is best known by its post office name, Webster Springs.


Big Mel looked out of the window of her sitting room…


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Bare Your Walls - Open Call

After an interesting conversation in chat about art and what type of  art people have or would choose for their homes, I decided to share a small portion of whats on my walls in my home and make an open call for you all to do the same.

Doesn't have to be art... just whatever is on your walls.

I have covered nearly every inch of wall in my home with images and small shelves holding ...things. I have so much art that i ran out of walls to use and so  i use one wall to rotate…


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Hurricane Mid-Wife and a Head Full of Cotton (Remembering Hurricane Gloria)


I have been here all night and for the first time I am alone.  No one is beside me any longer.  The Juggernaut is upstairs in her hospital bed, resting... hopefully asleep after the events of the evening.

The corridors and sitting rooms should be familiar to me, but they are not.  I feel like I have been plucked from someone else's life and deposited here in this one... at this time.  I am…


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A Pinto, Two Boys and The Law - Benny's Story

I didn't know how to tell Benny's Story until recently it became clear.

1977 was the year. I was 20 and had moved into my first apartment north of Six mile on West Parkhurst Place in Detroit.

The upper in a two flat on a sleepy side street had a long hall way that shot straight down the side from the front door all the way to the back door. A Shot Gun...bad Feng Shui, but I was so…


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Home Sweet Home With Sandy (UPDATE)

**UPDATE** Thanks for the well-wishes. After a harrowing morning waiting for news... after seeing this video of over 50 homes burning in their neighborhood burning down and I still did not know if theirs was one of them or where they were... I learned that my youngest brother had braved the elements and them at a shelter where they had been forced to go against their wishes (thank god). They are safe if a bit traumatized,, the house? well its standing & has about 6ft of water in it.. but…


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On Mourdock and Maddow from Way outside the Beltway

Over the weekend I watched my usual round of Sunday morning shows, chased by some stiff espresso and my newspapers.  One of the conservative pundits on "Face The Nation" assured another in that post-guest babble that Republicans are not "one issue" voters.  He said that all this business with Akin and Mourdock doesn't matter.  Republicans will not vote solely on the abortion issue.

Out here, way beyond the Beltway, I see it differently.

All of us perceive the world through our…


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Aligning the head, the eye and the heart - the spirit of street photography .

Most people recognize the name 'Henri Cartier Bresson.'

He said '"To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. ' What he meant, I think, was that a photo must incorporate a meaning (the head), to do that it muse present the vital elements for the viewer to understand in a coherent way (the eye) and the viewer must be…


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Dear Husband

Damn I miss you, not the you who was now, but the you who could have been if he had trusted and taken my hand. The you that could play beautiful music and sing, the you who could fix anything that was broken, who came in to my home and cleaned it and built me a wash room.

That man, the one who loved his children was worth saving...

Why you continued to drink after being told to stop now or die boggles my mind, why didn't you listen? I know your life was hard as a child, I know…


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Origins of Autism (Some thoughts, join the conversation)

Did you know dolphins discipline their young? And not just the mother. If a youngster is out of line, any of the older dolphins will rake their teeth across his body or give him a good smack with a tail.

Dolphins are like humans in other ways, we know. They are sociable and intelligent, even without domestication and training. Wild pods have been known to protect lost swimmers from sharks. It is believed they circle and protect their young in much the same way.

A dolphin alone…


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Tying one on: Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

Can you have totally sober sex that's also uninhibited and totally satisfying? My friend and I have been having a chat about what constitutes abnormal alcohol behavior.  She hardly ever drinks, and she has had a lot of sex.  Still, she apparently has never needed alcohol to lose inhibition, she has never had an issue with physical self esteem or men wanting to be with her.  She is giggly, flirty and suggestive all the time and it almost always gets her sex if she wants it.  Me? I wouldn't…


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Get in Line

                                                                                                     tgwithin (c)…

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a day at the zoo

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I've been getting a refresher course in orientation and mobility, and looking for smart phone apps for pedestrian navigation suited for the blind.  Yesterday,when I met the young lady who has been evaluating my skills, refreshing my memory about some of the more difficult aspects of getting about with a cane, and looking at navigation tools, there was a woman with her who she introduced as her teacher from the University in Chicago she attends who is monitoring her…


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Dolls & Races


It is the summer before kindergarten. There is a vacation playground program at the neighborhood school. My mother lets me go with my older brothers after lunch. They take too long to eat but if I tell them to hurry they eat slower, so I wait outside to jump and twirl instead of stare and sigh. As soon as they come outside I run to get there before someone else takes my doll.

She was in a crib with other dolls. They are all naked and hard…


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The doors of Southern France

Websters definition:

Door (dôr) n. 1. a barrier that swings on hinges or slides for opening or closing a passageway. 2, any means of access, entrance, or exit.

Recently while on vacation in…


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"If I Should Die Before I Wake"

Our company is small, more like a family of workers whose checks all happen to come from the same place.   So when Les died in his sleep a few years ago, it was a very difficult reality to face.…


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Good News, I have a project at long last

I have good news, but it's not Sunday. Is there any rule that says I have to wait until "Good News Sunday" to share it?

 Wait, do we even have "Good News Sunday"

I thought about posting it on FB and I still might, but it just seems so...I don't know....PUBLIC. I mean I got folks stopping by there who I never interact with. Some of them are old High School acquaintances and hell, I didn't have much to do with them back then, so why share with them now? Ah, but that is the…


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How James Brown Changed My Life (or at least my day).

"What I don't what you to do is stress out about this. That's the LAST thing you need right now."

Right. Hearing this from the doctor after she returned to the room after racing out in a panic. 

Okay, let's bring the horns in right now. There's no room in here for sappy, wilting violins. Let's bring in the funk. 

Yeah. That's…


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OMG!!!! Romney wins California, Hawaii, Illinois !



I must thank just phyllis  on OS for this link :

Apparently, California , Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts plus the District of Columbia have enacted legislation which gives their total of 132 Electoral votes to the Candidate for President who wins the NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE—

despite what the voters in that state…


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exploring the known universe

It’s been an intense week: I have worked hard, and I have played hard. I’ve been exploring up in the woods behind the house.

DSC_0071 (13)

That second milkweed pod is taking advantage of a run of rainless days – it’s holding more seeds in reserve, but definitely letting many go.

I’ve been exploring the woods at a bigger…


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