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For Extreme Ice Cream Fans, Master Comes Through in the Crunch

SOMERVILLE, Mass.  When Dave Forsh sold his innovative ice-cream shop in this near suburb of Boston two years ago, long-time customers who’d become addicted to his creative flavors and mixes were distraught.  “I just didn’t get it,” said Darov Kukov, a professor of Slavic languages, at the time.  “Why would someone take millions of dollars and give up the privilege of serving me six nights a week?”

ice cream https://conchapman.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/ice-cream.png?w=150 150w"…


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Question: After repeatedly being caught out and exposed for the liar she is, why does Kellyanne "Altrnative Facts" Conway still have a job as senior presidential advisor and spokesperson?

Answer: Because she's the best natural liar he's got.  No one in Trump's administration can lie as well as she does, with such a straight face, poise, and composure: The simple fact is that she's good at it. Damned good...

Makes you wonder whether she's good at anything else...

Can anyone say Monica Lewinsky?

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Kellyanne Conway Tells People Losing Medicaid to Just Get a Job

Kellyanne Conway Tells People Losing Medicaid to Just Get a Job:  In a recent interview with ABC, Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway says those who lose their Medicaid coverage under the proposed Republican Healthcare Plan should just go out and find a job that provides health…


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Healthcare Shmealthcare

Everyone's taking about healthcare, Trumpcare, Obamacare, this care, that care.

But when it comes to the truth, not a solitary soul cares.

To see this… Continue

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I'm on hiatus from teaching for a couple of weeks and have been doing some painting. As in every spare minute!

It feels good.  

This is the latest finished piece and the story that goes with it.

The BLP and I were both born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island. We spent our summers as children going to the beach, first with parents, and then once old enough to drive, with friends.

Both the North…


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war 2017½... Trump, syria, russia, Nkorea

hi all. my war bookmarks runneth over and have a very ominous feeling last few weeks/ months. sometimes the world seems like it could go up in flames any moment. NKorea threatening with nukes and the warmbier case,[i] and the middle east a massive tinderbox with so many hostile countries making loud noises (to say the least): syria, russia[l], iran, saudia arabia, qatar,[r] ISIS,[j] even china[o]…


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Question for a Tuesday Evening

What would you do if you discovered that the whole thing, all of it, was a fake, completely and totally phony, from the very beginning?:

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Hospice - Brother Bill Defies Death Again and yet Another Cosmic Joke

For the last nine months I've been living in Bastrop, TX to reduce the costs of taking care of my older brother Bill in his descent into dementia. 

Brother Bill

Twice in the last six months, Bill has be admitted to the hospital with bronchitis/pneumonia because he's losing…


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2 Sentences: Thinning the Herd

Thinning the herd may be a good strategy for managing a local deer population. As national health policy, its salience is what its proponents, at their core, believe about our already most marginalised; they really are not people at all. …


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Surprised by the Fed

The Fed Should Surprise Us.

Headline, The Wall Street Journal

I have come to the headquarters of The Federal Reserve System, the nation’s central bank, on a mission: at a time when the nation’s economy is humming along with full employment, low inflation, and a booming stock market, something has to go wrong–and soon.  I want to be at ground zero when it happens.


It was this lurking feeling of looming disaster that caused The Wall…


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Mercy not Pity


What should healthcare reform be about?  How you answer this question goes a long way toward demonstrating the divide in thinking in the U.S.  On one side the answer is compassion; on the other personal responsibility.  If you answered compassion you are likely to be appalled by the GOP answer to healthcare reform.

Whatever the Senate proposes as the new and improved version of a healthcare bill to replace the Affordable Care Act will…


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A malevolent spirit sits in the White House

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the fatness within.

I'm three pounds away from my first mini-goal of (at or below) 300.  I'm numb to the volume of that number, but I know that most normal people are not.  

On April 13 of this year, I received the roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, having approximately 80% of my stomach detached and the remaining approximate 20% reattached to a lower part of my upper intestine (or something like that).  Simultaneously, I also lost possession of my gallbladder.  

For a long time, I was hellbent…


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Poll Shows US Losing World’s Respect Under Trump

Poll Shows US Losing World’s Respect Under Trump:  According to a wide-ranging international study, with the exception of Russia, Donald Trump’s presidency is alarming citizens of our nation’s closest allies as well as others worldwide, diminishing the US standing in the world.  Can’t for the life of me understand why. Hell, here in the US - all the coal mines have now been reopened, scientists now freely admit climate change is fake, Hillary’s been locked up…


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Giggling gods

People make plans and the gods laugh...

A year ago I told my boss I'd retire after the summer programs were done. I offered to volunteer enough hours to keep my beloved arts camps and apprenticeship programs alive. 

I knew the Rockford Arts Council couldn't afford me anymore. Donations and corporate contributions were down in a local economy that has never recovered from any recession. And we weren't getting our operating grant from the state any time soon. Illinois is in a…


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Trump trusts his gut

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Apartheid Version 2.0

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Dreaming at My Age

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Off With His Head!!!!!

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Birth of a New Day

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