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Grandmas Take to the Campaign Trail

                         Campaign speeches are so goofy.  A series of sound bites that have been heard over and over until it is annoying.  I can't imagine having to give speeches day after day.  However I am really loving Elizabeth Warren's speeches.  She and Hillary are taking to the campaign trail, holding…


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Elizabeth Warren goes after Donald Trump

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Pope Francis: an apology is not enough

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

A new day at the Vatican? Could be. At least a little bit of sunshine has been allowed to fall into dusty old windows and halls that have rarely seen much light in the past twenty centuries. 

Returning from Armenia in his papal plane, Pope Francis told reporters on the day after millions celebrated LGBT pride in the U.S.: “I believe that the church not only should apologize to the person who is gay whom it has…


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When the Texas legislature created the law there were 42 Texas clinics. Now, with the Court's 5-3 holding that the law created an undue burden on women (and given that abortion has been legal under Roe for 40-some years), the number of women's clinics can grow from its current 19 and Texas women (and beyond Texas, too) can act on their own as free individuals once again. Even Justices Roberts and Alito…


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Chemtrails don't make any sense

I really don’t get why the chemtrail theory persists. But I’m going to blame it on a mix of social media and celebrity endorsements. The latest of those endorsers is Walker, Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris. Norris joins other celebrities like Roseanne Barr, Billy Corgan, Kylie Jenner and the late

 Prince in looking up into the sky and trembling in fear of poison supposedly raining down upon them.
Now, I can’t speak…

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Jack Garner, Parsley Farmer

Jack Garner gazed out over the farm that had been in his family for three generations and let out a sigh of exasperation. He looked down the rows of curly leaf parsley, often used as a garnish, and thought back to the lessons he had learned bouncing on his father’s lap as their old tractor made its way over the fields.

“Stay away from fad fruits and vegetables like endive, pomegranates and kiwis,” the old man had said. “Stick with something that people need,…


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Barnes & Noble Set to Unveil Stores Offering Wine And Beer

Barnes & Noble Set to Unveil Stores Offering Wine And Beer:  Barnes & Noble announced that they will soon be offering beer and wine at select stores throughout the US in an effort to boost sales by keeping customers in their stores…


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A report that my brain, and cranium generally, are “unremarkable” is good. After a cat scan, a blood-flow test and two MRIs, one with dye. And the cogitations of an ophthalmologist and a stroke specialist.

But still I have the double vision. (On one side.)

The original idea was that I'd had a teeny stroke, which had affected one of the eye muscles on one side. Eye doc said it would probably clear up in six months. Well, it hasn't. Now he says “poor circulation” and sent me for…


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Growing Up Gay In America


On the eve of the 36th anniversary of the murder of my friend Fred Paez, I dedicate this to him:

Since the shooting in Orlando, my life keeps flashing before me in detail I haven’t…


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And now for something completely different...

And now for something completely different: Christians must apologize to gay people for marginalizing them:…


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The Founders and the Constitution - A Curious Fetish.... continued

continuing Terry Mckenna's Post at

The Founders and the Constitution - A Curious Fetish…


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My Independent run homework, the seventeenth Vice President

When it comes to the Vice Presidents I really only know those who went on to be President. However the county I live in was named after the 17th so I know a bit about him, but mostly because he was involved in a major railroad scandal that in a way built my little town. So here is a brief history of an important figure in my personal life.

Schuyler Colfax was born in New York City on March 23rd 1823. His grandfather had served as Washington’s personal guard…


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Suitcase Charlie Sale


My Readers' Favorite Award Winning crime novel is on sale from now until the 4th of July.

The novel deals with a serial killer loose in a neighbor of Holocaust survivors and refugees in Chicago in the 1950s.

99 cents!

Cheap at half the price!

Just use the following URL


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New Camera

       My old camera is terrible but it is small and goes with me everywhere.  Someone gave me a camera and it is very fancy but it is big and complicated.  I have avoided using it and yet I get it out and fiddle with it once in awhile.  I think I am going to start using it more.  



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Freedonia Offers to Replace England in EU

NGORZSKL, Freedonia.  Freedonian officials are tired this morning after an all-night vigil they kept in a state of anticipation and suspense, fueled by oglitz, this land-locked European country’s bitter variation of coffee.  “It is very functional,” said Ngli Zolitwk, the nation’s first female Prime Minister, of the highly-caffeinated native drink.  “What you don’t finish can be used to strip furniture, or unclog sluggishly-flowing sinks,” she says as she stifles a yawn.



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A Local Political Activist

I want to tell you about a local politician and political activist. She's been a physician for many years and, in that capacity, started to get upset about what she observed about environmental conditions' effect on health, so she got involved in local and regional environmental organizations in addition to medical organizations. She co-authored a couple of reports about environmental impact on health that are…


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Tony Robbins Hot-Coal Walk Injures Dozens

Tony Robbins Hot-Coal Walk Injures Dozens:  Dallas Fire officials report that as many as 40 people have been injured during the “walking on hot coals” segment of a Tony Robbins motivational seminar costing up to $2995, where attendees are encouraged to “turn fear into power” by walking…


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George F. Will quits Republican Party over Donald Trump

George F. Will was asked what he suggests GOP voters do regarding Trump:

"Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House."

In essence, George F. Will just reluctantly endorsed Hillary Clinton for…


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i just need to start writing again. about anything. orange is the new black is brutal this season. i won't spoil anything, especially the 12th episode -- out of 13. but it's sad and hard.

i binged almost all of it the past 2 nights. so grateful to have such excellent company and to not be in prison. the depression has gotten so bad because of a med that was added to my cocktail that backfired and took me down that spiral and made me fatter. i'm at the height of my weight. of my Fatitude. and in a terrible bipolar mixed state. which means anxiety and depression at the same time.

it's so bad that i'm not even able to comfort myself. not with "this too shall pass". not…


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Reason and Enlightenment v Ignorance and Stupidity

The political consequences of the dumbing down of America.

This is an element of the result of the hypocrisy of being pro-education while simultaneously being anti-intellectual.

The dichotomies, and battle lines, are plain and simple:

Evolution v Creation

Global warming & climate change v government plots and conspiracies

Gun control v the right to bear arms

Corporate hegemony and Free Market Economics v Government… Continue

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