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The Denial of White / Straight / Centrist / Male / Judeo-Christian Privilege

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Although I expect 99.999999% of the people who read this to go though denial/anger/"yeah, but they hit me back FIRST!" histrionics, unless you are an atheistic, female, true Progressive, LGBTQ, person of color, they have ALL benefited greatly from their privilege and will defend it to their dying breath.

There has been some great examples of this behavior recently right here.  There have…


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Where Jaws was Filmed

Bright red ankle skin shinned her alabaster legs, and the sun was white over here, here, high noon to the left over the beach. I fluffed the towel over her just-beginning-to-sting redness. You should know the girls and I sat knees up--now and again prone, relaxing on Navarre Beach. From our vantage the sun was to the left nearly centered. If you are on the internet you may wish to search elsewhere for beach images, maybe in Google images, and find…


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Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: US says video shows Iran removing mine…


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Sequential 4th of July 1963 09*JAN*09

We'd parked the burnt sienna '59 Chevy, the one with the cat's-eye tail lights, in the shade at the curb under an elm tree. The day promised to heat up, and we had decided to take a city bus ride to the Great Circus Parade rather than challenge the unknowns of a huge crowd and parking problems or risk walking on and on too far away. Our family's women usually made such decisions. Mom was pregnant, big for only five months, her mother was fond of saying.…


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I’m Not A Buddhist

              Maybe Jesus was. I am a historian, so I am trained not to be attached to any version of the past. We guess at it, but work hard at being objective. We gather data and make up stories to connect the dots. Stories, to us, are stories; not marching orders. 

               Im not a Buddhist, but I have stolen from them, and many others too, in order to make up stories that are just guesses at best. I’m pretty sure that they are not offended. I love stories. I love listening…


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2 Questions for Kosh and Jon

There's a huge difference between white people who happen to be Jewish and Jewish people who happen to be white...

There is no appreciable rhetorical difference between:

"...the Jews of the 1960’s went to the streets but the Jews of 2019 don’t..."


"...Jews, as a group, cannot be counted on to take the fight to the…


Added by Ron Powell on June 18, 2019 at 2:30am — 9 Comments

Trump's Order Trimming Science Advisory Panels Sparks Outrage

Trump's Order Trimming Science Advisory Panels Sparks Outrage:  Former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Interior Department as well as environmentalists, are blasting a new executive order signed by President Trump late Friday evening, as a stealthy measure…


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The Advantage Of Disadvantage

              I am certain the best of what I am grew out of the hardships that I had no choice but to plow through numb as I could keep myself and still function at the assigned tasks. 

               The gift of a paid for doublewide in the hills above the bay, and sixty two years of life, I am grateful for. The higher level of play I know for certain exists has batted me about tremendously . I am wounded, but not dead when I should or could easily have been so. There is always…


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3 Sentences for For Ron & Kosh: When Minorities Absorb a Culture's Bigotry

We know what happens when, over time, minorities absorb a dominant culture's bigotry.

Even predominantly Black juries, and all over this nation, are more likely to dish the death penalty when murder victims are white regardless of the race of the defendants.

Black jurors have imbibed the sad and sickening idea that white lives,…


Added by Jonathan Wolfman on June 17, 2019 at 5:00am — 31 Comments

Trump Tells George Stephanopoulos He’s An Honest Guy

Trump Tells George Stephanopoulos He’s An Honest Guy:  During his now infamous interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, President Trump kept returning to the topic of the Mueller Report - claiming that he “likes the truth,” he’s actually "an honest guy” and that he…


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LO;}ng Ago and Far Away (Vignette)

[LO;}ng Ago and Far Away (Vignette) (Sequential fiction—Stateside Vietnam Era a/k/a Resilient Nam Era Hippies a/k/a Leftover Nam Era Hippies—best read with thumb out and little finger out—surf’s up somewhere)}

Eden in the summer of 1967 may have been the center of the universe. You cannot disprove that and neither can I. The GOTUS had declared that the boys of America were old enough to kill but “not for voting”.

Mom and…


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Greeting of the Day

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Go Big or Go Home


1: of, relating to, or providing for many things at once

2: containing or including many items an omnibus bill

The House of Representatives should pass An Omnibus Bill of Impeachment against:  the President, his senior staff, and the entire cabinet for

Violations of Oaths of Office

Violation of the Constitution



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...disappearing into the ether

so another site seems the 'blogging' phase may have run its course.since Open i've been on here and another site which recently of the members of that joint started a new one which at this point seems to be going nowhere.not surprised,the topics that are most prevalent are race,religion,politics.subjects which many,like me,have little to no interest in.on Open,there was many writings about everyday problems,suggested solutions,entertaining stories,good…


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Waiting And Seeing

             The future is in here and in there to. The past is as cat out of the bag crazy as you care to call it. I’m willing to come or go as you please, because I’m waiting and seeing.  My universe is mastered by me. Yours is up for grabs. 

              I have paper work, not that it would keep me alive longer than had I not bothered to master anything. Anti intellectualism is peaking. I argue my credentials to be the accidental  byproduct of research, but in some circles…


Added by Robert B. James on June 16, 2019 at 7:29am — 1 Comment

Leaving the Purple House

Karpinsky and Dog stood catty-corner aside the intersection from the taking of the Purple House. Traffic was inordinately puzzled: a crescent shape of orange barrels and mesh construction barriers bowed from the corner, the traffic lights blinked amber, the alternated stop and go strings of cars crossing or turning the corners and wrecker crew vehicles exiting and retrying to park with most of the drivers rubbernecking at the demolition. Opposite corners…


Added by J.P. Hart on June 15, 2019 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

Target Registers Crash and Customers Wait Hours to Check Out

Target Registers Crash and Customers Wait Hours to Check Out:  Target cash registers across the country simultaneously malfunctioned due to a systems issue, creating massively long waits in line, with many…


Added by Johnny Robish on June 15, 2019 at 7:00pm — 5 Comments

As Luck Would Have It

          This is my first pancake free Saturday in four weeks. The fog of June is upon us, but lifts every day here before noon. I miss my estuary, but not the winters in Monmouth County, where Fort Monmouth closed and I departed the same week in June of 2011. I  drove out of my native state in the Red Rocket on this day, 6/15 ; eight years ago today.

           I have traded former colony for former republic, and started from scratch as a refugee/immigrant from a place that means…


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Even in the heat of passion - Ann Mueller did her civic duty & taped her husband Bob for clues to his baffling syntactic Report in the now infamous Bedroom Tapes...…


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