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About Rainbows

I didn't see rainbows as a kid. I saw pictures in children's books, but not the real thing. Probably two many trees. I spent most of my life in Eastern coastal states. 

In the seventies, a woman who worked for a manufacturer my father and I represented came out from Indiana to work for us. She'd grown up in Nebraska. She'd never been…


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Donald Trump Confuses with Late-Night Twitter Covfefe Post

Donald Trump Confuses with Late-Night Twitter Covfefe Post:  President Trump left many of his 31 million Twitter followers confused and slightly concerned after an early morning tweet that simply said “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”  Now I have no idea what the hell covfefe is, but I do know that if it lasts over 4 hours, I’m calling my doctor.…


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The First Time I Died, I Was Murdered.

I had just turned 26, and was at a surprise birthday party and house warming with new friends.

Young men, high and in cultural pain, came in, hog-tied the 3 men, and raped me and another woman in our party. The third man hadn’t gotten to the third woman of our party before the gunshots went off, so she was spared that. It was her 32nd birthday, and it was my sign that God was listening, because she was spared. I’d hated to have her birthday…


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Whose Game Do We Play? Theirs or Ours?


Excerpt from Building the Agricultural City  

Lewis Mumford, a writer and generalist and one of the last of our public intellectuals, coined the word “megamachine,” which means “big machine.” This and the phrase “Power Complex” were Mumfordʼs words for…


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"TRUMP LOOTS AMERICA...before the fall"!

true story

Around 20 years ago while living in Maryland, I was pushing a grocery cart in the passing lane doing a…


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Your Bug Advisor

Spring is here and bugs are back!  There are between six and ten million species of insects, but only one for humans.  Hardly seems like a fair fight, which is why you need Your Bug Advisor on your side!…


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The War On Civil Rights and Social Justice Has Begun in Earnest

During the campaign for the Presidency, I warned that a Trump Presidency and Administration would result in an attempt to 'deconstruct' the framework of the hard won gains in Civil Rights of the past 60 years.

Just as in wars fought on foreign soil, brave and heroic people made patriotic sacrifices and paid the ultimate price in efforts to preserve, protect, and defend the principle of equal justice under law and guaranty equal protection of the law as articulated in the 14th…


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What Will Become of the Trump Presidency

What Will Become of the Trump Presidency?


I’ve lived during the administrations of thirteen U.S. Presidents and nothing has come close to that of the 45th president, Donald Trump.

Trump’s campaign, transition and four months in office have been marked by almost daily outrageous behavior that have all been sufficient to bring any previous president’s term to an end, yet Trump perseveres. 

Part of his perseverance has come because both houses of…


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Mary Kay Letourneau and Husband Have Separated

Mary Kay Letourneau and Husband Have Separated:  According to court records, Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau have filed for separation after two daughters and 12 years of marriage - in a relationship that began in 1997 when he was only 12 and she was his 34-year-old teacher.  I guess she felt “this guy’s getting a bit old for my tastes.”  On a positive note, should he ever decide to move to France, there’s a pretty decent chance he could be elected…


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GOP vampire budget

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Rainbow Connection

     Late Sunday afternooon, after a violent but brief thunderstorm, we caught sight of something Red had never seen and I only once: A double rainbow.

     Figuring I wouldn't have time to fire up the Nikon DSLR, I grabbed a Canon point-and-shoot and got this:

     But son of a gun, Monday, after a brief shower, around the same time, it happened AGAIN in the…


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"DINNER FOR 2 @ The White House - but Who Ordered the Smoking Gun"?

I just happened to get my hands on the awkward but much sought after transcript of the Trump/Comey White House Dinner in which neither one remembers who invited who…


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Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, 1928-2017

Born Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński

March 28, 1928


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Seven Hair Care Myths--Exploded!

Do you have limp, drab-looking hair?  It may be because you subscribe to common hair-care myths that styling professionals and hair-care scientists have debunked through careful study of magazines lying around in beauty parlors.  Here are some of the most harmful hair-care superstitions that people still cling to.

1.     Dirty hair on men is sexy.  The French started this one after they fell in love with Mickey Rourke, the actor who washes his hair…


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Ivanka Says Memorial Day for Champagne Popsicles

Ivanka Says Memorial Day for Champagne Popsicles:  Ivanka Trump is facing some serious backlash after an official Twitter account linked with her lifestyle brand talked exclusively about “upping your grilling game” along with other Memorial Day party suggestions like “champagne…


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A Comment on SOLON to my previous article by koshersalaami on February 1, 2017 at 5:38pm:
Germany: Let’s start with the most obvious problem with your analysis: Germany isn't a nuclear power. And you think it could develop a nuclear force numerically capable of competing with the United States and Russia combined by When? Its military isn't on a scale with Russia's, let…

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I Want My Participation Trophy

Without my usual session with Kornheiser and Wilbon, there's a Natinals game on with two guys I don't know. Or ever, since I'll be switching to something else soon enough. Not only because one of them is bloviating about "participation trophies" for juveniles; as in, they're bad policy. And sounding angry about it. I suppose he's all for six year olds' Social Darwinism.

On the other hand,…


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For My Late Father On Memorial Day (1924--2011)


For My Late Father On Memorial Day  (repost)



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Beth Nakamura from The Oregonian posted this photo on twitter this morning, taken up in Portland - it perfectly encapsulates just who Asha, Taliesin's mom, is.

It is absolutely no wonder to anyone who has met her that her son was also who he was.…


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