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June 1st, Twenty Years Later

On the 18th of April, 1980, I met Rob for the first time. The first words he spoke to me were “it’s you!” It was his version of how I felt in that first moment too. I looked back at him and thought, “you are the one!” For the following 15 years we were separated very few times. On the 1st of June, 1995, I watched Rob take his last breath. On that…


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first time walking cocoa in the dark but streetlit area across the street since The Great Urine Incident of 2014

i'm disappointed. i was sure that i had transferred the Urine post from OS to here. but apparently i did not. so i need to repeat this information, for which i apologize to those who have already read about this.

before a certain day 7 or 8 months ago, if i had not gotten cocoa chanel (CC) out and about to shop/hunt in a grocery or other store and was of course feeling horribly guilty about it, i would, before 10 PM (the rules forbid loud noise after this hour), take CC across the…


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Roosters and Dogs

The roosters are crowing like banshees from hell as someone walks by in flip flops making the dogs bark insanely from their cages next door.  I hear someone over there yell "shut up" and little Petunia starts crying for her mama.  All is quiet for a bit and then a rooster on the other side of this house starts in and the dog next door starts his scratching.   This is…


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An Atheist Chaplain Learns to Pray

By happenstance - or maybe not - this morning's guest spoke on an atheist's prayer. This is my "take home".

She spoke today of Prayer

And atheism,

And her reconciliation


To whom, to what

About what, about…


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Me and Baudelaire in the Back Seat on Summer Vacation

I first encountered Charles Baudelaire as a sophomore in college when I read Les Fleurs du mal, and to say that dawn broke on Marblehead, as the expression has it here in Massachusetts, would not be an understatement. No more “patter of little feet” poetry, all was changed, changed utterly to quote my buddy Bill Yeats. Check out Les Metamorphoses du vampire, par example: “the woman,…


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Costco, Shopping for Fat People

For years my wife and I avoided Costco, and now that I am a member, I know we were right.  It is a strange place, full of the scent of greed and despair. Oh – also a lot of fat people.

We were more or less forced to join.  We acquired a retired racing greyhound, and the recommended food was sold at Costco under their house brand (it is also sold under another name for 1/3 more and turns out not to be sold at many pet food stores.  Having had Greyhounds before and found out how…


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Shiny Things

The man and the boy pulled up to the curb next to the sign that said “For Sale/Open House Today” at the end of a long lawn that rolled down to the street. The house was large, but older than those on either side of it. It was probably owned by “empty-nesters,” the man thought; people whose children were now grown, who wanted to scale back.

“C’mon—let’s go take a look,” he said to the boy, who got out of the car by himself, a bit awkwardly, and waited for his father to take his…


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Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood

It's Clint Eastwood's birthday today.

This amazing man has lived a long life full of success and in loving relationships.

The two children of his first marriage have followed in their father's footsteps. They are both artists.

The video below demonstrates some aspects of the many facettes of his personality. There is no doubt about him being a gifted man.…


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Last 4 Mandalas in the Current Series

My second series of 10 mandalas has been completed. All but two have been matted and framed.

I am hoping to show them at some of the local galleries over the next few months. 

Here are the last 4:

No. 6  Counterclockwise

No. 7 Flowers…


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Branson, Missouri - An Enigma?

Branson, Mo. is the fifth most visited tourist destination in the United States. Located in the southwestern part of the state and home to all of about 10,500 inhabitants, approximately 8,000,000 people visit Branson every year. However, when I told a friend a few weeks ago that I was about to spend a week there with a fellow widower, he asked, "Where is Branson, and what's there to see?"

I replied that I would see some of the shows I had missed on my two previous visits, the first in…


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The Strand Magazine is featruring Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure

I am excited to report that The Strand Magazine has featured one of my books, Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will know that it was in the turn of the century, 19th-20th, Strand where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first published his Holmes stories.

Here is a link:…


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1976-77: Empty Bottles, Daiquiris, Frozen Daiquiris, Single Malts, Armagnac & Jamaican Blue Mountain, Doctors, Lawyers & Indian Chiefs

Empty Bottles… - The Saudi waiter was a post graduate engineering student at the University of Houston and after five years in Texas he was no longer a very devout Muslim.  Because he drove a used car and had to work for a living, he obviously wasn’t related or connected to the family Saud, yet he eschewed his Arab heritage and…


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Barrel Bombs are Bad and Smart Bombs are Good


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Insanity Right and Left

Insanity Right and Left

When Obama hinted that he might be in favor of compulsory suffrage in the United States, I thought that the lunacy threshold had been clearly crossed. Even though his motives were transparent, (it’s interesting: Obama’s motives are always transparent; it’s his actions that are opaque and deliberately obscured), one look at countries that have such a policy, e.g., Brazil, would convince any rational being that such a policy would be disastrous. A…


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The invasion of Syria has its causes in the history of WWI and European Colonialism. Christopher Clark in The Sleepwalkers:…


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Have You Seen This Plant?

Ever since moving from Long Island to Western Washington, I have been intrigued by the new flora and fauna I have encountered. 

One plant I've been admiring is the one pictured below. We don't have these Back East. (No, they are not Stella D'Oro lilies, though there is a passing resemblance. These are much smaller, and they are not lilies at all)

t's not a great photo, sorry. My phone camera is okay but doesn't allow me to compensate for a surfeit of light. My fellow…


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Importance of re-cycling

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America's Superpower Challenge

Let's be frank. Since WW2, America has been the leader of an increasingly integrated global military, economic and political organization. These alliances have taken root in East Asia, Western Europe and Latin America and they played an instrumental role during the Cold War in terms of combating Soviet imperialism and the spread of Marxian political institutions. When the Cold War ended, these international organizations remained in place. This system now faces two basic challenges. First,…


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Running Naked

I was a basket case.  I knew I was, my kids knew I was, my family knew I was and the care givers knew I was.  I wasn’t going nuts; I was there, at the station, ringing the bell that says, “I’m NUTS”.

In June of 2006 I was walking a fine line between being a care giver and needing a care giver, or at least someone to keep me from running down the street naked with a blood pressure cuff.

Those were the days of multiple illnesses, multiple hospitalizations and me learning how to…


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Insanity and the American System (political system)

I don’t know what the definition of insanity is.  One common definition is of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.   But if this is insane, then insanity is far more common than we pretend. 

For example, I vote in Dover NJ, a town dominated by a cabal of insiders.  A few Republican have run, and one even became the mayor, but as soon as he won, the aldermen (all Democrats) stonewalled him on everything.  His administration failed and no Republican…


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