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      I am fighting negativity with my mom all the time by muttering "little bitch" under my breath as she rebels against what I tell her to do.  She tries to apologize but there really isn't anything to be sorry about. 

      She is in a pickle.  She has to use a walker all the time and is in danger of falling.  The pain in her back and knees is severe and her energy level is low for many, many reasons.  If I were her I would…


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Self-Portrait #1: Heart Yoga

In a few weeks, I will be attending a writer's workshop for literary non-fiction. Our first pre-conference assignment is to write a self-portait. So I am experimenting with different formats. I eliminated my first go at the assignment as too flat and gimmicky. This is my second variaton. Our assignment cannot be more than three pages, so I'll have to cut this down if I decide to use it, but thought I'd post it here in its entirety. Feedback welcome!!!

“Do you think we…


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Wedding Bell Blues Lady

The day of your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, or at least the day of your first wedding.  But the customs, folkways and by-laws of matrimony are so darned confusing, it is easy to “slip up,” with disastrous consequences.  Ms. Wedding Bell Blues is here to help sort it all out.

Dear Wedding Bell Lady:

Six years ago my sister Nae Ann got “married” to “Chick” Johnson, whose dad owns the Jiffy Lube franchise out on south 65.  I use “quotes” (around…


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It's Party Time in OS Land!

I'm going to reprise the immensely popular series I initiated at the other salon called "Party Time In Blogville"...

This is the intergenerational installment:


....and yeah, that's Stevie Wonder singing lead with Tower of…


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Last night, the Mets completed a four-game sweep of the previously-mighty Yankees. This is the first time that the Mets have taken every game from the Bronx Bombers in a season, and the Mets' faithful are, properly, sticking it to Yankee Nation.…


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The Bahamas Lotion - 13 - Sun on the Rocks

Clarity squinted at the scorching Bahamas sun beaming its rays on the island of Eleuthera, in order to watch Lanai walking down a meadow towards the beach, with Flower, Cynthia and Jenna. She couldn´t even speak to either say good bye to the girls, who were being taken by Miela to a docking area near the sea, part of the Hexas Style pleasure seeking resort. According to a few brief orders given by Avalon, they were headed to the middle East for further training, exposure and distribution,…


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The Murderous Company You Keep


                                      Flag of Iran.svg        

     As I have said here, the death penalty has, for years now and for numbers of reasons, been on the wane…


Added by Jonathan Wolfman on May 31, 2013 at 4:00am — 13 Comments

Americans want a special prosecutor over White House scandals

By Doc Vega

When polled for their opinion a 76%  for and 17% against ratio demonstrates that the man on the street typical American is fed up with the continuing controversy over recent exposure of Benghazi, the IRS intimidation of…


Added by Doc Vega on May 30, 2013 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

A Moveable Restaurant

          If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

                                                                                            Ernest Hemingway

When I came to Worcester it was clear and cold and fugly. I had picked up a guy hitch-hiking on the MassPike from South Boston and he had told me a story. He ended by…


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A day at the Genius Bar

Me mate is gone to a god-awful place that she calls "Indiana," leaving meself in charge of the bungalow that we share. Why is she there? I'll just say it's a noble quest for justice. She can tell the story or not, if she is inclined (and I think she may be), when she returns. According to her GPS which she puts complete and utter faith in even though it once led us astray in Branson (told ya!), arrival time here in the…


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Age is Not Just a Number

I was sitting in the waiting room at my chiropractor’s office, commiserating with another geezer about how aging is a bad design.  It starts out fine. You get taller and stronger.  Then it starts going the other way.


The receptionist interrupted our conversation to say, “Age is just a number.”


I totally disagree.  So, I told her, “Age is cancer and hip…


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1969 – Cleaning Keys, a Thanksgiving Disaster and Making the Call

Cleaning Keys…:  Everyone in the Wilton Place Tribe except Richard and Leah imbibed with the herb.  To reduce costs Dick Worters bought Mexican weed by the kilogram which came packaged in compressed bricks wrapped in waxed butcher paper and Saranwrap.…


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"She's built for speed!" ( New song)

                                                                   Photo by anonymous but happy to give God the real credit anyway!

                                                                     Her bikini says it all!  (No, really it does!)


As most of you know, I am a…


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Two Minutes of Business


Dear Mr. Home Appliance Repair Hotline Guy,

Thank you for your recent advice.

I said," Don't worry hon. I'll have this up and runnin' in a few moments. I talked to Mr. Home Appliance Repair Hotline Guy. It's on the internet with the other good stuff."

I followed your directions. I got out my clamps and pliers, turned off the water supply, turned off the electricity, threw a towel on the floor to catch the spills and went to work.

I leaned all my…


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Gossip Stinks! The Bible Said So.


           I suppose I’m as vulnerable to a titillating morsel of gossip as the next guy.  Now, don’t go getting all righteous on me and insist you hate gossip and never ever listen or pass the stuff.  I detest it also and refrain from participating in the practice; but, I must admit that occasionally I listen just because I’m interested in hearing what is…


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On the Easy Listening Larceny Beat

          A Boston teen was arrested for theft when he told police the ”Tony Bennett” on the iPod in his possession was a girl he knew. 

                                                              The Boston Globe

A lot of guys think I got an easy beat because I’m on the Easy Listening Larceny Squad, but that ain’t the case at all.  Me and my partner Rocco are out there every night risking our lives so that the tunes law-abidin’ citizens download are safe…


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'PASSIONATE JUSTICE', My First Collection of Social Justice Essays, Now Available

     a view of Mt. Horev (Sinai)


     I'm pleased to tell you that Passionate Justice:  A Progressive Memoir in Essays is now available on my publisher's site and at Amazon.


     The book's…


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Are You Cooking With Me, Jesus?

Master of Ceremonies:

Hello once again everybody and welcome to another edition of Are You Cooking With Me Jesus?–the show that helps you make every meal . . . simply divine.  Without further ado let’s bring out the star of the show, the Big Boss With the Hot Sauce—Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ:       Thanks—glad to be here.

MC:                        Last week you showed us how to turn water into wine, a tip that comes in handy when you’ve run…


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Beautiful Nothing - I Saw Stars

They told me if I could get through the first seven days of residential treatment, I would make it. They were right. That first week was probably the hardest of my life but that does not go to say the next were that much easier. 

I had put a lid on my emotions at least a decade ago, sealed it tight and kept it closed. One of my brothers described me as a "skeleton with dead eyes." Sounds brutal, I know but he was exactly right. It took about three weeks for the team of therapists and…


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