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The Confederacy, Imperial Japan and the Problem with Military Chivalry

The European conception of chivalry came about during the middle ages due to the influence of three factors: one, the Church's rhetorical demand that the powerful protect the poor and weak (not always upheld); two, the demand made by Kings and Emperors that feudalism created a hierarchy of reciprocal social obligations connecting all of the major estates; and third, the superior example of Islamic soldiers during the Crusades, who were, oftentimes, better able to blend the necessities of war…


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Trump's Platform Remains Unclear As President Reaches 100 Days



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"TRUMP NO LONGER A VIRGIN"...Can promiscuity be far behind?

     Look - let's face it; Trump got off on his 1st phallic missile delivery!…


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A Day in the Life of a Texas High School Prom Dress Coach

A high school in Texas requires female students to have prom dresses pre-approved by a school coach.

The Wall Street Journal

As I looked out the window of my tiny, bare-bones office onto the mesquite-speckled shrub land that rolled away to distant mountains, I had to ask myself–why the hell did I ever decide to become a high school prom dress coach?…


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Trump slides the US into the Twilight Zone!

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Trump Says Major, Major Conflict With N. Korea Possible

Trump Says Major, Major Conflict With N. Korea Possible:  President Trump is causing some concern after stating in a recent interview with Reuters, that "there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea.”  North Korea and Kim shouldn’t take it so personally.  If I know Trump, he’ll just launch a missile somewhere and wherever it lands, that's who we fight - then, he’ll claim his North Korean war has much better ratings…


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Reuters Exclusive: Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life.

Trump won the Republican nomination and the Presidency thinking that being President of the United States would be a piece of cake.

His thinking and the thinking of a number of the Trump faithful was: After all, if a black guy can do the job for eight years, how hard could it be?…


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Rain touches darkening roads…


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Meridian 57 - 15 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

After landing at Changi airport in Singapore without a passport, with her friends Lanai and former Herbaline employee Ambi Michaels, teleoperator Clarity Nice is set aside by a woman dressed as a hostess from Singapore Airlines, Yi Ling, before reaching the customs and passport area of the airport. Yi Ling has connections with a…


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I am a great photographer ... borderline photographic artist. OK, NOT borderline

I am a great photographer, not to brag. Is what it is, isn't it. Kitty says HI. I am also a cat whisperer.

But that's not what this is about. 

In less than an hour I/we are heading back to the lake captured expertly below by moi, and I'm excited.

Have a nice weekend my…


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The Cold Hard Facts of Opioids

In my youth, gone for over four decades, the opportunity to destroy my life forever and end up lost to the world presented itself repeatedly, cloaked in the hip buzz of the excitement of being a professional musician.

I had the chops then to be presented with a couple invitations that could have led to fame and fortune, but there was an undercurrent of darkness that terrified me. I've been around the use of opioids and have seen persons I knew and liked lose themselves. I saw…


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Everything You Know About Belly-Button Lint is Wrong

I’ve noticed a trend recently.  The East Coast newspapers I read, such as The New York Times and The Boston Globe, have taken to lecturing ordinary schmoes like me on a regular basis that things we believe to be self-evidently true are in fact false–when you look at them in the sort of nuanced, sophisticated way that writers for these rags are capable of.

“I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid all these years!”

Headlines for articles in this vein are…


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Smashed Mastodon Bones Suggest Humans Arrived 100,000 Years Earlier

Smashed Mastodon Bones Suggest Humans Arrived 100,000 Years Earlier:  Close inspection of 130,000-year-old broken mastodon femur bones found at a freeway excavation in California have led some researchers to the controversial conclusion that humans were responsible for killing…


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Reason #9,285,474 Of Why I Hate Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Zoroastrians And Every Other Believer In And Apologists For Organized Religions And Related Malignant Fairy Tales.

Fat, white, sanctimonious douchebags, who use some of the most racist and disgusting epithets, while thinking they have the "white right" to insult people's culture and life styles are most definitely hateworthy!

See if you agree...

(...and, no...  I…


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French Election Bears Little Comparison to America: Actual People Elect Their President

There’s continuing mythology that, in light of Brexit and America’s election, the world will soon be dominated by the political right-wing.

Fear was stoked in France on Sunday due to the burgeoning strength of National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, runner-up in a large presidential field, only narrowly behind centrist Emmanuel Macron (En…


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As Folks Might Say in Texas, Coulter is All Hat and No Cattle

After taking her side with my last post: Mario Savio Spins in His Grave as Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter's Speech, I'm wondering if Coulter and The Berkeley College Republicans were just trying to pull off a publicity stunt and now resort to a bit of Texas Side Step as…


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My Donald Trump Nightmare

It seems as if I wake up almost every night, and there is some vision of Donald Trump inside my head as I slowly struggle to decide whether to go to the bathroom or not.  And in the process of waking up, I look at my mental image of this toad residing in the Oval Office, I find myself being more than slightly disgusted. How could I have the POTUS perpetually taking up part of my mind like this? What kind of disgusting…


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Winning Philosophy Essay: Unexamined Life "Totally Awesome"

NEWARK, Delaware. When Mahlon Grenier got the call telling him he was the winner of the American Philosophical Society’s undergraduate essay prize, he says he was as surprised as the next fellow. “In my apartment the next fellow is my roommate, and he didn’t think it was that big a deal,” says Grenier.

“In a wet t-shirt contest, the wetness of the shirt is more important than the wetness of the bodacious body.”


The distinction comes with a…


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Trump trusts his gut

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Apartheid Version 2.0

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Dreaming at My Age

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Off With His Head!!!!!

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Birth of a New Day

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