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Phaedrus is Home from the Hills

These EYES!. That is the terror of it. These gloved hands I now look at, steering the motorcycle down the road, were once his! And if you can understand the feeling that comes from that, then you can understand real fear ... the fear that comes from knowing there is nowhere you can…


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Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb: Jazz's Odd Couple

We live in what we congratulate ourselves to be tolerant times, but we have nothing in the current world of music to compare to drummer William Henry “Chick” Webb and singer Ella Fitzgerald, born a hundred years ago today, two misfits who first came to public attention in the 1930s, now recalled as some sort of dark ages compared to the present.…


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This book has been a catalog of the many ways the ways the Democratic Party has failed to tackle income inequality, even though that is the leading social issue of the times, and its many failures to get tough with the financial industry, even…


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Letter from My Alma Mater's President Re: Neo-Nazi Flyers

Dr Gutman is terrific; she makes me proud to be an alum. Penn, under her leadership, is clear-thinking. She'd never allow Penn to fall into the trap UC Berkeley has as to speech freedom and public safety.



Added by Jonathan Wolfman on April 25, 2017 at 7:42am — 5 Comments

LGBT Concentration Camps in the New Europe, Global Pushback

This note's from a news round-up in Religion Dispatches, a terrific online resource for ideas exploring the intersection of religion and social policy. 


"Russia: Anti-Gay persecution in Chechnya generates international protest…


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My Lonely Struggle Against Preauricular Sinus

For me, the weekends are the hardest.  Not because I’m lonely, like Charlie Rich, who sang that he made it all right from Monday morning to Friday night, but oh–those lonely weekends.

Charlie Rich on Thursday night, getting ready to be lonely.


No, I’m not lonely on weekends, if anything I have the opposite problem.  Wherever I go there’s a walk-a-thon, a bike-a-thon, people…


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How A Bill Becomes A Duck

They said it was impossible to elect a duck as President of a country. But the Duck proved them wrong! True, a duck has no reasoning power, is incapable of nuanced thought, and sees the world in terms only to its self-benefit. What… Continue

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Refusing Service on Religious Grounds

Mountain Laurel blooming

Laurel is common throughout the Appalachian chain


When the Ottoman Turks invaded Egypt they did not kill the Coptic Christians; they merely relegated them to second class citizenship.  Of course, to gain full citizenship they could convert to Islam, and…


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Question for a Tuesday

In October of 2016, FBI Director, James Comey, sent a letter to Republican congressional leaders advising them of the reopening of the investigation of the Clinton emails as the result of a wikileaks dump of emails hacked by Russian agents.

The subsequent release of the information regarding the reopening of the Clinton matter, which resulted in nothing of a prosecutorial nature.

The matter was closed and dropped by the FBI days before the voting began.

Comey's actions…


Added by Ron Powell on April 24, 2017 at 10:30pm — 14 Comments

Trump Boasts He Has Higher Ratings Than 9/11 Broadcasts

Trump Boasts He Has Higher Ratings Than 9/11 Broadcasts:  In a recent interview about his first 100 days in the White House, Donald Trump bragged that his “ratings” were higher than broadcasts of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Is it just me, or did the President of the United States just boast he is more popular than a terror attack?…


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Political impact

The Citizens United ruling "opened the door" for unlimited election spending by corporations, but most of this spending has "ended up being…


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The Real TMI

Little Brother has been lecturing me on and off for a couple of years about how much I share on social media. His biggest complaint comes in the form of a question: “What do I know about you that isn’t on Facebook?” And his second biggest complaint is “Why do I have to read about something that happened to you on Facebook first? Why can’t I hear about it from you BEFORE you post on social media?” Honestly, there are times I think he wants me to tell him something that happened before it even…


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As "Whole Language" Yuppies Move In, Phonics Junkies are Forced Out

BOSTON.  The neighborhood here known as the South End has historically been a transitional stop on the way up–or down–the social ladder.  “We got the winos and junkies who lost their last best hope of realizing the American Dream,” says long-time bar owner Michael “Mickey” Flaherty, “and then we got the freshly-minted MBA’s who work long hours and can’t afford the suburbs yet, or ‘yuppie scum’ as I affectionately refer to them.”…


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Touching Scene

Not a posed shot.  They seem to have genuine affection for each other.  The male (rigth) is uncle to the female.  Names are Aggie and Mickey.   

They can often be found with their bodies in parrallel - sort of synchronized sleeping.…


Added by Terry McKenna on April 24, 2017 at 5:00am — 5 Comments

Study Finds Older Workers Stay Unemployed Longer

Study Finds Older Workers Stay Unemployed Longer:  According to recently released research, people age 55 and older who are unemployed are more likely to be so long-term as opposed to their younger counterparts.  Perhaps even more depressing, even if they do find work, they’re still gonna be old.…


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Spring Moment

Spring unfolds slowly

quietly colour…


Added by M. C. Sears on April 23, 2017 at 3:36pm — 3 Comments

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