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And it wasn't bad at all. I'd been dreading it. Nurse who did it said her extracting tool first straightened the staples and then they came out easily – maybe a few pricklies and such, but really not bad. She did the first one to illustrate, and I didn't even feel it. The others I did feel, but it was entirely tolerable.



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Something We've All Seen Before

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zeros and nines and art and the old masters and me

I've never enjoyed doing anything art-ish on a machine.   when I tried to be a studio mac hack, I was a notoriously bad one.  and although I was an adept paint/hand retoucher, I only grudgingly retouched with PS towards the end of my career.  I just couldn't adapt to a machine between me and the work.

In spite of my stubborn streak I adapted...and eventually became pretty good with Photoshop on a PC, necessity being the mother of.

but then it happened.  the devil came in the…


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Wild Oats Market: being April's Fool I am not, but super stuper-sleuth with stupefied clues YOU ARE his forever fool

Being April and Mark's fool?  Mark Beertown?  Hey, wasn't that great?

I don't deserve anything and what I am to you......thanks for no career and a dead mouse tacked to a future only he could determine my doorway to nothing and nowhere.  What else would for me he determine?

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And Now for Something Completely Different

I'll be this April Fool:…


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A Moveable Restaurant

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

                                                                                            Ernest Hemingway


When I came to Worcester it was clear and cold and fugly. I picked up a guy hitch-hiking on the MassPike from South Boston and he told me a story. He ended by saying “I hod to…


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The Marble Toucan - 4 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Teleoperator Clarity Nice and her friend ethnographer Flower Parkwood, reach the picturesque village of Miradorcito in the state of Campeche in Mexico. Brought to Campeche in a colorful guagua, Clarity works alongside Flower in an archaeological site to make some pocket money, using Flower's 'permiso de arqueologia', an observation and archaeological dig permit…


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Why Jill Stein Won't Be President Anytime Soon

If you were to speak to most bloggers on this site and ask them their positions on various issues, the candidate whose views are closest to their own has been, for a long time, Jill Stein. Bernie Sanders has appropriated some of her views and that's why he's enjoying some success. In actuality, Stein represents the views of millions of rank and file Democrats - not the party officials but ordinary people.

However, she can't get herself onto a debate to save her life. I'd say she… Continue

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Hula Festival

               I got to see the old folks hula.  I missed the big show because I'm afraid to drive in the dark.  Oh, I can do it but it was raining too and I knew I could see the festival during the week.  it is a big deal here in Hilo.  I liked some of the photos I got of all the…


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I'm in a sad place tonight - so I've been writing -

The world is imploding, distant memories, the Goddess is dying, because we killed her, with our toxic fumes, our industry, and we don't care. "We'll find another planet!" I had someone scream at me back in my college days, a mining engineer and a professor of the same something. I tried to laugh. "Mine the planet, we'll get to the rest later....." We are parasites, killing our host, slowly but surely, without a care, we…


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A Senryu For The Masses

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Earliest Color Videotape

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Get Your Boogie Down!

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