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The Gift

For one to completely understand this precious gift given to me from my daughter, one must have some background knowledge of her.

My daughter, Erin, as many of you know was born with challenges most of us have never faced. She had a fifty percent hearing loss that went undetected for three years. I feel so ashamed that she was suffering from this, and that the doctors and my husband disregarded my…


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Don’t Be Like the Pharisees

12 Many thousands of people came together. There were so many people that they were stepping on each other. Before Jesus spoke to the people, he said to his followers, “Be careful of the yeast of the Pharisees. I mean that they are hypocrites.…


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Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure now available as an E book

My most recent book, Sherlock Holmes and the Texas Adventure, is now available as an E book. Here is a link to it on Amazon and also a link to a delightful video review by British Holmes fan and video producer Ross K. Foad.…


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Yankees Release Billy Crystal, Sign Eddie Murphy

          The New York Yankees signed comedian Billy Crystal to a one-day contract in 2008.  He struck out on six pitches and was released.


TAMPA, Florida.  The mood in the New York Yankees’ clubhouse was solemn after a 5-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates Thursday.  “They’re making cuts today,” pitcher Kei Igawa told a…


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Fear of Death in Relation to Productivity

I think my fear of death diminishes in reverse proportion to the quality of my life at the time and my productivity. This seems counter-intuitive. I mean, the underlying fear of non-existence is still there, but I also believe that in a sense one's psyche lives on in the minds of the living--those who have gotten to know me well, for better or worse! Perhaps I feel less afraid of dying when I feel that I have left something of value to the world, at least, in some…


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Semester Reflection

Looking back at the entire semester I am very happy that I chose to take English 361 as a class. When I was going through the process of choosing my classes last winter, I was required to take an English course in order to graduate. I chose this class because I thought that this would be a new type of English class I have never taken before. I am very happy with my decision.

Through all of the different assignments over the course of the semester I successfully completed a podcast,…


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Swampyville's - "Never to Ever"!

From the Swampyville Gazette!

You're the Poet!

Fill in the below blanks with the following words or

use your own words!

Below, cry, day, down, exist, fly, ground, grow, mist,

play, prose, ring, rose, sing.

Never to Ever!

by L. Don Oliver

I've never seen the antelope play,

Or been where the eagles __;

Felt the warmth of a campfire,

Or heard the lonely wolf ___;

I've never seen a beautiful rainbow,

Or heard a…


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Coming to Appreciate a Person or Thing

It's funny how you can go for years without appreciating an artist or a song or a riff, and then suddenly something clicks, and you are hooked. This has happened to me over and over--most recently with Springsteen, Born to Run, and the subtle chorus in Down by the River. I am sure this happens to us in other areas of life--with people, for example. Suddenly you see the value in a person, their beauty. It happened to me in regard to a relative. Just imagine the other…


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Our Merchant-Ivory Weekend

As I wake up and recollect what day it is—Saturday—I breathe a sigh of relief.  No rush to the train, no crowded streets to navigate, no tedious job to go to.  But then I remember what tonight will bring; dinner with our socially superior friends—the Cabots.

“I do so love franks ‘n beans—but they cause me to flatulate.”

We've known each for a long time.  Our kids were in daycare together, we stay in touch with Christmas…


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End of the School Year

The time has come. The end of the semester, and this being my last full semester of college until I graduate (I still have one summer class to take). I'm excited and nervous, because the end of one chapter of my life is the beginning of another.

In Writing with New Media we discussed a lot of articles that pertained to new media technology and trends. Through our discussions I learned a variety of things, such as the open software movement, copyright laws with art and technology,…


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The Guild

In class we watched the entire season 1 of The Guild, a comedy web series by Felicia Day depicting the lives of local guild members of an MMO game. I've heard of The Guild for a long time, and I've known who Felicia Day was, but I haven't actually looked at her work until this class.

Season 1 focused a lot about the game and not much about the guild member's lives. Each of the cast members had their own quirks and were memorable. The funniest moments were between Codex and Zaboo, how…


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For my second podcast I decided to tackle Molotov Man, as well as the various copyright laws associated with art today. I have made videos before for my own YouTube channel, so I was familiar with video editing, however it has been quite a while since I've done so.

I learned how you can only copyright an interpretation of an idea, not the idea itself. And when you reference someone else's work, you must get their permission. But for cases of personal use, these laws are more lax. I…


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TED Talk - Why Videos Go Viral

This TED talk examined just how viral videos become popular in the first place. Is it pure luck? Or is there a catalyst that pushes the process along? YouTube's own trends manager Kevin Allocca reveals the latter to be correct.

Kevin talked about how YouTube has become a platform where an ordinary person can become famous through their video work, and that work can become assimilated into our culture. It turns out there are tastemakers, who find out about these funny videos and write…


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Second Life Experiences

I was fortunate enough to take two classes this semester that focused on social media, and the outcomes of media in the world today. In my Media Technologies class, we were asked to create a second life avatar and then meet for class in the Second Life world during a scheduled time. Well, what happened next was chaos plain and simple. Some people took it seriously, typing questions to our professor and holding conversations with those around them. Others were testing the flying mode and…


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Prompt and Stories for 5/3-5/5 2013

This week's prompt is:

Write a story inspired by your heart's desire.

Or, if this prompt doesn't inspire you, you can also write a short story about any subject you like; the only requirement is that it be a FICTION story.  

For more information about that, or about how to participate in Fiction Weekend in general (everyone's welcome - it's not really a club), please feel free to check out …


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1969 – Judy the Brit, Jill Baskin, Sam, Production Workshop Eden and Demian something

Judy the Brit…:  It was through Judy the Brit that I became associated with Bertrand Russell by only one degree of separation.  Judy's…


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Helpless (OS Archives 2013)

As my sister sits and waits while her wife is in surgery, 

aggressive cells break through at my other sister-in-law's house

(even though she was free three months ago

as I was free three months ago...

...and counting.

I can't help counting.).

As my…


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Life sucks.  My sons are slaves to the internet, the wife is putting on the pounds and waking me up with her snoring.  I just paid the monthly minimum on two credit cards, read a review of a Ted Nugent concert and the cat crapped on the rug.  It’s times like these that I like to check in with my professionally depressed family members, friends and acquaintances.


I call my brother Craig, in St. Paul.  He has thrown out his stripper girlfriend for accepting money from strange…


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MY LETTERS TO POLITICIANS ---- Updates from me

Today, I sat here, in my room, pondering the meaning of life, wondering what I could do to make the world a better place to live, to change it on some small level, I decided to start a new project, a letter-a-day campaign, updates from me, to politicians.

I started today, this Monday, April 29th, by writing to the President of the United States.

I've written to him before and actually have gotten replies from him in letters sent to my home, mostly cease and…


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