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Mob Muscles In as "La Yoga Nostra" Takes Over Spiritual Discipline

SOMERVILLE, Mass.  This densely-populated suburb of Boston is known now as a student ghetto, but not long ago it was notorious as the headquarters for one of the most powerful organized crime rings in the Northeast.  “The Summer Hill Gang was named after the street where it first put down roots, and it controlled prostitution, gambling, extortion and mumblety-peg in this area with a vise-like grip,”…


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WHAT NORMALIZATION MEANS: The New Yorker, Guest Post & A Question


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Scientists Convert Spinach Leaves Into Human Heart Tissue

Scientists Convert Spinach Leaves Into Human Heart Tissue:  Scientists in Massachusetts have converted a spinach leaf into a tiny, beating human heart muscle by seeding the spinach with human heart cell tissue in an eerie experiment that might one day help doctors repair damaged…


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1 Sentence -- Mr Trump & the Sexual Predator Registry

It is as if, to hire people to run our government, Mr Trump, in order, say, to run America's schools, combed the…


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Democrats Celebrate GOP Failure To Repeal Obamacare

When Speaker of The House, Paul Ryan failed to deliver the required votes to defeat the existing Affordable Care Act the US media was quick to publish congratulatory articles depicting Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi mocking President Trump and praising their flawed national insurance fiasco. Pelosi, whose…


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It's not that I'm skittish;

or even wary.

Open and inviting, hopeful is more…


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Doris Kearns Goodwin Puts Trump's Health Care…


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Random thoughts

Random thoughts and images completed again.  It is time to let the mind find what it will discover and…


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Donald Trump is NOT a Businessman

This article began as a post on Facebook.  It is being posted here as requested by KosherSalaam.  Comments will be appreciated.

I get most of my best ideas when I am involved with water. Today, while I was watering the garden, just after putting in a load of wash, I was suddenly struck by the realization that Donald Trump IS NOT A BUSINESSMAN.

He's a deal maker. He buys and sells things. He doesn't make anything other than deals.

Every single business he has…


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Life and Death in Suburbia

Check out this repulsive thing I spotted right next to the sidewalk.

That, my friends, is a dead Armadillo.  Lying suspiciously close to where I spotted that ghastly buzzard-thing the other day.

My husband is so patient with me.  I actually stopped the car in the middle of traffic and…


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If you hang a round a bar at the mouth of The Columbia River until closing time you hear a lot of talk about what to do with the sea lions.

The docks are known as sea lion docks. That doesn't make much sense to me since "sea" is already in the name. They don't need docks but boats do. Nobody can get down there most of the time and getting off your boat isn't going to happen.…


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OMFG! Seriously????

I just finished up cleaning the coffee that I sprayed all over the kitchen table and floor when I read this headline:

Chelsea Clinton, 37, honored with ‘Lifetime Impact’ award by Variety…


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1 Sentence - Not the Worst First Hundred Days

Trump, no question, has not had the worst first hundred days as president...perhaps second…


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Mud Lizards Say Recent Political Events a Wake-Up Call

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.  It’s 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and Jim Glzorp readily admits he’d rather be in bed than standing outside in the cold handing out leaflets at a strip mall.  “I’ve successfully avoided politics all my life,” he says, as his 9-year-old son Jim, Jr. hugs his leg.  “When I read about all the crazies out there these days, I had to start getting involved–for my kid’s future.”



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Pointy End Down

German Robber Baron Castle

Last fall, while staying at the Caring House in Durham, N.C., I realized that I had been putting the flatware in the dishwasher upside down.  Early in our marriage we bought some stainless that had knives with pointed tips.  Most table knives are rounded on the end; these weren’t.  The tip of one of the…


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World’s First Head Transplant Scheduled for December

World’s First Head Transplant Scheduled for December:  The world’s first head transplant will be performed in December, led by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero on a Russian man who is suffering from a rare and fatal form of spinal muscular atrophy.  Prior to surgery. the…


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Tortoises, a cat, three more cats, a dog, a couple of national monuments, and a dress face

That's what's in my camera phone from the last couple of weeks. 

My brother in law has unfortunately found himself in territory I know all too well - he lost his first-born son and was a couple of rooms over while it was happening. Our wives our sisters. Within the last couple of years, my mother in law also lost her first born son,…


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The Moron Whisperer

Sometimes, one really is faced with the choice of the lesser of two evils. Mine was to be dragged to an enormous corporate Christmas party (the other choice was endless whining). The amount of internal self-cursing on the state… Continue

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Nunes' compromising financial ties with Russia. Yep. Of course. Again.

Say it ain't so! Folks, we've been bamboozed, er...bamboozled yet again.

All this conflict of interest deep pockets business is, of course, the darker side of globalization coupled with slack governance…


Added by MV Neland on March 26, 2017 at 3:43pm — 11 Comments

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Off With His Head!!!!!

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Birth of a New Day

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