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This is a cherished quote of mine. It is taken from Milton Steinberg's Basic Judaism (1947).

The movie still is, of course, from Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece, "The Seventh…


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Republicans Blame Obama for Trump. Seriously?

One of the more laughable aspects of a 2016 campaign…


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Chicken Sexers Set to Go For Gold in Rio

GREEN RIDGE, Mo.  Eunice Holcomb has long been a valued employee at the Swift Poultry Processing plant in this idyllic town in central Missouri that features a horseshoe pit on the town square and not one but two full-time village idiots.  “I have been employee of the month at least twice and sometimes three times every year going back to 2013,” she says proudly.…


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even now, i am nothing if not smart.

re: my argument about the supreme court and roe v wade.  i said its not going to be overturned, and its already gutted, and undue burden is placed on innumerable women.

in a lot lot lot more words, this slate article says the same thing.

off topic - do online magazines even HAVE editors anymore?  the article is 7000 words long,  and written with funding from the Nation Fund or something like that.…


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Printer Misprints UK Parish’s Easter Signs

Printer Misprints UK Parish’s Easter Signs:  The Acomb Parish Church in the town of York (UK) ordered a bunch of Easter signs declaring "Christ has Risen,” but a mixup at the printers left off the “t” at the end, leaving the signs to read “Chris has Risen.”  Bad news for the Parish, but of course great news for Chris.  Sounds like that Viagra shipment has finally made its way to York.…


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    The moon looked like a jellybean this morning!

          Orchids by the driveway.…


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David and Goliath

There are two kinds of quant: the micro (firm/sector) and the macro (country/planet). The concerns of these two are not just different, but antithetical. The micro quant seeks to destroy the rest of the economy, and sweep up all the moolah to itself; while the macro quant seeks to keep the whole running in a long-term stable fashion. It's in the DNA of the micro quant to blame the damn gummint whenever a crash happens. Micro actors can't cause a crash, of course.

Over the years since…


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My Independent run homework, the tenth Vice President

John Tyler was born on March 29th, 1790 in the state of Virginia, since it was after the ratification of the Constitution he became the first Vice President officially born in the United States. He came from a wealthy family that was early settlers of Williamsburg. His father was a well respected judge who had served on multiple political committees and even as Governor, and had roomed with Thomas Jefferson in college.

Tyler was raised on the family plantation; since his…


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Parody Parade & the "you're laid charade" featuring the pal-o-mine pantomime and doggy fresh-tasique equipped with his quips and word ready for sWordplay

Anybody go to the parade this morning?

Join in.  It's fun to do like everybody else around you.

They follow me around and pretend this and pretend that.

It is rather odd to see after all this time.

Can't wait to get to the parade myself so you can question me about where Sandy might live and strawbanas.  Doty, Go get Garland Garcia Hall.  I know he is the answer.  Go Get Garland" Bill Barker barks at Phil Doty as I tap my shoes together across the street from the…


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1-Sentence: A Carbine Confederacy @ Cleveland

As well over 25,000-and-counting have petitioned the Republican National Committee to allow sidearms at its Cleveland convention (contrary to applicable laws and regs) I guarantee you will see, should you have the stomach for it, waving flags of the 150-year dead illegal rebellion against the nation that hosts wish now to lead.…


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Brown Eggs

This morning, I finished my third still life painting since delving back into acrylic painting again.

The subject matter seems appropriate for the day (Easter 2016), though it was not intended as such.



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What's Up in the U,S.?

What’s Going on in the U.S? Let Me Tell You.

Encouraged by Barack Obama’s orgy of apologies that reached orgasmic proportions during his misguided Tango-tainted tour of Havana last week, some “important” world leaders and even some American businessmen with global markets have been issuing pious alarms about what’s going in the U.S.

Before answering them, let’s be clear about what Obama is up to. In my play, What’s It All About Albee?, I had a hero…


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The cutest version of Jerry Garcia

Last night I played the 50th birthday party of a Deadhead. Because it is also the fifty year anniversary of the Dead's founding, he asked that we play only Dead material, so we stuck to stuff that had been played by the Dead or by Jerry Garcia elsewhere, whether or not they wrote it, so if they covered it, it was fair game. We threw in…


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My Quest to Bring Karaoke to Mt. Everest

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to change the way we view the world. For me, it was the story of David Sharp.

Sharp was a climber in distress who died 300 feet from the summit of Mt. Everest. A number of parties, including that of double-amputee Mark Inglis, passed him by, oblivious to his plight as they sought the small beer glory that comes to those who scale the world’s highest mountain long after the feat has become commonplace.…


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Why was Brussels targeted?

Guest post from a friend of mine:

Why was Brussels targeted?

1. They want arms embargoes against Saudi Arabia to prevent further massacre in Yemen.

2. The Muslim communities in Belgium have created…


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Sunday Series: Poems and Poetry: Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

4 April 1928 -

28 May 2014…


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Petition Allowing Guns at Republican Convention Has 25K Signatures

Petition Allowing Guns at Republican Convention Has 25K Signatures:  According to the Akron Beacon-Journal, so far over 25,000 people have signed a petition calling for the open carry of guns at the Republican National Convention, which is slated to take place in Cleveland this July.…


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Who is this Jesus?

An Easter Repost, as a reminder of the meaning of the day.


Thank you for this perfect day.

School starts next week in our community.

Today was…


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