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People of the Book - 29th & 30th Scrolls of the Third Book

The Twenty Ninth Scroll:

Erin-Hushai and I collapsed in our beds that night and we spent the next day with Deborah and…


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Guy Named Mike Traces Loss of Job, Girlfriend to Koch Brothers

WORCESTER, Mass.  Mike Andruzzioni is a mild-mannered young man who says he had “zero interest” in politics until he began to connect the dots between his personal situation and the undercurrents of power at work beneath the surface of life in America.  “I had a good job,” he says of his position as a part-time cab dispatcher.  “Now it’s gone.  They said it was because I didn’t show up for the night shift once, but I know better.”

Mike, staring off into…


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Daffodils - and Poetry Car! - for Rita's Birthday (OS Archives 2014)

Picked from our yard...



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Daffodils for Rita - and belated Happy Birthday!!

Picked from our yard....…


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Technology is Ruining the Doctor/Patient Relationship

Fifteen years ago, when I started using my current doctor as my primary care giver, the best part of any office visit was the chitchat, the catching up on family and work issues.  Dr. M. is a petite, gentle-voiced woman in her forties or early fifties. 

Her long hair and hippie-style fashion preference…


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Writer's Block? Get Nacreous!

If you’re a writer, or if you want to be a writer, you’ve probably suffered from writer’s block. Consider Henry Roth, to take just one famous example.…


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I Am Grateful to All of You

I'm pleased to tell you that, on the strength of 'Spring Sweeps' ratings, Star Com Network has decided to give…

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Tiny Houses

I ran into L the other day. She said she was thinking of moving to B.C. with her daughter too. Like me, she had one daughter on the west coast and one here, and hadn't wanted to leave the one here. But then the one here decided she wanted to go west.

I'd been at L's present house some time back. She has one of what I call non-standard houses (mine is in that…


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Zombie & Zombie, Attorneys at Law

"Are there really, truly zombies in Haiti?”

“Bien sur,” Delzor said. He had even seen them: affectless men and women with a deathlike pallor, high nasal voices, and the characteristic drooping at the chin.

Into the Zombie Underworld, Mischa Berlinski, Men’s Journal…


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Longing in Blue

Upon a closer look

these blooms are…


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Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read: Contents & Links

This series of posts is written for a very specific audience, unlike most of what I write. It is mainly geared toward musicians who don't read music, though of course anyone can read it who thinks they might be interested in the subject. The final link, "Harmonics and the Science Behind Music Theory," is the post most likely to appeal to…


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March 22-28

March 22

I woke up feeling like there was a marble behind my eyeball. With all the blowing dust last week I wasn't surprised to have a sinus headache. I went to see if I had any pills left but I must have used the last one, although I don't remember having done so. Odd little things seem to be disappearing from my house. I was going to go for a walk but the world was blurry and the sunlight hurt my head so I just stayed home.

One of the premium channels is having a free weekend…


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Please buy my books...

I have three short novels available for sale. I am a fledgling author and I really enjoy writing. Currently I am working on another and I am working to be a better writer. My sales are dismal. Please encourage me and especially my publishers by buying some. They are priced to sell as you will see on this link to my Amazon page.…


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The Rats of Beacon Hill

One afternoon while trying to nap

I was awakened by a troupe of Krishnas, Hari.

I raised upwards my window sash

and swore that I would make them sorry.

Beacon Hill

I was just about to let them have it

When I a wondrous site did see;

A Beacon Hill rat waddling towards them–

There was no need for further involvement by me.

The Beacon Hill rats are sleek and fine,…


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Emile Miromesnil, Notary-Detective

The notary, for all his gravity, managed a sidelong smile, apparently suspecting a love affair.

                                                                Notre Coeur, Guy de Maupassant

I came, in the darkest hours of my career as a notaire, to the sleepy streets of the south of France, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris.  Ah Paris, where young notaries flock like flies on un lapin morte, hoping to make their name in the fiercely…


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Why I Model for "Life Style Lift"


I have assured my friends, in order to help them through potential middle-years birthday-blues, that sixty-three feels very much like sixty-two. 

Word appears to have gone 'round that I am indispensible to those in tremulous anticipation of next-birthdays.…


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Wild Wind (poetry)

Wild wind blowing down from the Blue Ridge
The light sensor comes on, unable to sleep

Lily the cat resting on her stool beside me

The fate of living creatures on this planet
remains in powerful and mysterious hands

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Chapter 6: Harmonics and the Science Behind Music Theory

You don't have to be a musician of any kind to get most of this. Parts of this are actually cool even if you're not a musician. My wife used to ask me to tell her about the overtone series when she wanted to go to sleep because it was boring. One night she made the mistake of actually listening to me and discovered to her chagrin that it wasn't actually boring at all. I promise you you will learn something. 

If you have a stringed instrument, any stringed…


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5th Chapter: Basic Theory for Musicians Who Don't Read

This chapter is about something called the Cycle of Fifths. It will help to have a keyboard handy:

This is by far the shortest chapter.

Earlier in this series, we talked about how there are twelve notes per octave, if you really count all of them. A couple of chapters ago, we…


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