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Tunisia Visit

A few months ago, I was checking out the extra features on my newly arrived Indiana Jones Blu-ray set and noted that "old Cairo" was shot on location in Tozeur, Tunisia ... which happens to be a 4 x 4 drive away from the Tatooine set for Star Wars.

That was the clincher!

Realizing cabin fever would overcome if I didn't venture out of the country…


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Ray was chief of police and Sue Ellen was his wife; Duane was their only son and  Sandra their only daughter.  When he was younger Duane had learned how to keep  himself company while his dad worked for long stretches of time.  He took up  hobbies that didn’t require a playmate, such as coin collecting and building  model cars, which he pursued while he waited for his dad’s day off.  When that  day came, Duane hoped they could play catch or, better yet, that his dad would  pitch to him.  If…


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Death, Resurrection and the Harddrive, an Easter Sunday Story

Thursday was the last day I saw my "computer" as I knew her.  My friend, travel companion, ally, workpartner, buddy and communication portal.  We were sitting and talking earlier in the day, I wrote up a light handout for a patient, printed it off and a little clicking sound began.  Almost like a stroke, she clicked and wirred and didn't move a muscle.  I put her away for resting, and tried again later.  No dice. 

John removed the drive, put it in cryogenic storage (freezer) for a few…


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"Maria Magdala" an EP suggestion for James Emmerling

James Emmerling,who spends his time reading ,writing and

contemplating about the books he has read,has written a disquisition

on Maria Magdala,one of the most controversial figures in the circle

of Jesus ,the Nazarene.

I leave it up to Jonathan Wolfman…


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GOP Leadership

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A Rogues Gallery: High Profile "House Negros"

House Negro (also House Nigger) is a pejorative term for a black person, used to compare someone to a house slave of a slave owner from the historic period of…


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Easter Memories by an Ex-Christian (Who still Honors Him)

My family did not go to church on Easter Sunday. It was too crowded and my father's parking spot would not be honored by those who didn't know it was his. He might not get his pew either (second row from the back) and he did not want to to to the "Meet & Greet" with hypocrites who showed up only for holidays. Rather than be rude and disgruntled, Easter was a day…


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Easter Sex Talk


   I want to celebrate the Spring.

  In the Autumn I throw leaves in the air

  thinking about the days growing shorter.

  Now I celebrate the green sprouts coming up.…


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This Thursday was my third weekly chemo treatment. Typical chemotherapies seem to be dosed in 3 week cycles, since I’m getting this one –Taxol—weekly, my dosage is roughly one-third what some patients get.

I was told that between weeks two and four, if I am to lose my hair on Taxol, this would be the timeframe. Dosage two came and went and I found myself analyzing my in-shower shedding: Typical shedding? Chemo shedding? Hmm...seems typical to me. I guess. Maybe.

Then came this…


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The Autism Spotlight Misses Its Mark Again.

Beware: this is a reflexive response written with knee-jerk fury about this piece on the BBC:

Essentially: single dad and "full-time carer" of a 10-year-old boy with autism and cerebral palsy writes about "surviving" school holidays. You'd think that this would be a good piece to have in the mainstream press, no?

No. It fucking sucks. Here's why:



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to chiropractor or not to chiropractor?

Today---3/30/13. Tomorrow I will lay low, no doubt. Not only 3/31/13, but Easter. Beware the fertility rabbit of chasteness on days whose numbers portend so ominously. 

Yesterday, it was the chiropractor again. Jenny basically made me go..…


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Sometimes you just know... (prose-poetry)

Sometimes you just know that someone's lying...

something in their voice, their stance, their eyes. You just know, you just know. you have a strong feeling in your gut. You try confronting, but get nowhere. There is danger in their presence. You could hang around and try to dig out the truth, but you realize it is imperative to listen, to listen to your own voice: "It is sometimes wise to flee in the face of…


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The N-Word and the LGBT community (Philadelphia Tribune 3/26/2013)

On March 26 "The Philadelphia Tribune" published my article "The N-Word and the LGBT Community (see attachment). Below is a longer version of the article.

The N-word and the LGBTQI-BS community

By Cei Bell

Aaron Cody, a white gay man who performs in drag as Sharon Needles and who is a past winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, has caused controversy…


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Quote me!

 Thanks to an anonymous contributor to cheezburgerz,com

"Judgement is the only muscle that grows stronger with disuse!"…


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Deadlne: my diabolical writing experiment

Not long ago, I posted a very short story entitled, “Gettin’ my John Boy On.”  It was written in fifteen minutes as a “quick write” at a gathering of other writers here in Tucson.  And some of you really liked…


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One Radical Easter Morning

As the laughing young couple paused in front of my house while their dog, straight out of Paris Hilton’s purse, made a tiny little dog poo on our scraggly grass city lawn; the last thing I was thinking was turn the other cheek..


Watching them through the large picture window in our living room; I waited for the part where they would pull…


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People of the Book: The Fourteeth Scroll of the Second Book

David asked: “Is it well with the young man Absalom?” and Ahimaaz, heading Joab’s warning answered: “When Joab sent the king's servant and me thy servant, I saw a great tumult, but I knew not what it was.”

As the Cushite approached, the King told Ahimaaz to stand aside and welcomed the messenger who said, “Tidings my Lord the King; for the L_RD has avenged you this day against all them that rose up against you.”

The King asked the Cushite: “Is it well with the young man…


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Turkeys in the Fog

"You haven't even gone down to the fields to see the turkeys."

"I've seen plenty of wild turkeys."

 "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

                I remember asking an old lady in Alaska to look out the window at the whale going by in the channel.  "Oh, I've seen plenty of whales going by."…


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She's Plucked Her Eyebrows

When I was a lad of twenty or so

Hanging around the house, detached;

My mother would ask me why I didn’t go

Out with nice girls in town, unattached.

“Like who?” I asked with a skeptical note

and a voice that resembled a bark;

“Someone you know,” she said and I quote:

“That sweet little Bethany Farks.”

I burst out in laughter and threw back my head,

I nearly choked and my face turned red.



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He'd Risen Up

Dewey Myers had been working at Forest Lawn Cemetery since he was in high school, twenty years before.  He had started out cutting grass on weekends and after school; it was easy since he lived right across the street.  He had been the youngest on the crew but now everybody was under him but Bill Cassing, the sexton.

There was a newer, nicer cemetery on the southwest side of town, where the new housing developments were going up.  Forest Lawn had been laid out shortly after the town…


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