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Systems Analysis II- The Program, Our Constitution

STATHI, Skypixie0, and Kosher

The thing about writing code is that it can be most readily judged on whether the written code does what it is written to do. Beyond that, the judgment is of the efficiency and elegance ( Quality?) that the program displays in accomplishing its task ( A Program which performs its task in 5 lines is more efficient than one that takes 150 lines, but the more…


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Domestic Violence, “The Great Santini” & Women’s Lib circa 1961

“The Great Santini”:


TGS by Pat Conroy - Wikipedia

Forgive this section being out of sequence, but my recollection of events is out of sequence, so much so that I almost blew past this post.  I never read Pat Conroy’s…


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new camera great pics

In Dallas last week I acquired a Canon G10 'powershot' 14.7 megapixel digital camera as partial payment for helping Barry (bbd at OS) rebuild his back deck. You may know, Barry is a professional photographer, so when he told me it was a great camera and made the offer, I jumped all over it. 

These are a few shots taken by myself, Eli, and his friends over the last week.…


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Kops Killing Kids

I was married to a cop for four years and due to events of recent weeks have been meditating on the prospect of being called in as a character witness if he found himself in court because he shot and killed someone in the line of duty.

My personal philosophy holds that until an suspect actually pulls the trigger he will always have the opportunity to decide not to. For the cop to shoot first, under the assumption that a trigger will always be pulled, the cop robs the suspect of the…


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Slowhand, God, and Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton 

Friday, February 10, 1978

Oakland Coliseum Arena

Oakland, California

8:00 P.M.

section 217  row L   seat 7



My ticket stub. Anyone else remember when BASS  was our only ticket vendor?

My first date with my husband was this Eric Clapton concert. He'd actually…


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A Systems Analysis of the Justice System

Systems analysis is the study of sets of interacting entities, including computer systems analysis. This field is closely related to requirements analysis or operations research. It is also "an explicit formal inquiry carried out to help someone…


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The Gospel of Geek

Let me sum it up for you:

"God" = "The Cloud"/Internet/ Collective sub/un conscious

"Holy Spirit"= "Free WiFi"

"Christ"= "Your "net" access to  "The cloud" via any number of freely available (some more expensive than others) media.

Your task: Tell me how that works out.


as translated from the original Geek by nERD tHE hAXTOR…


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10 Great Thriller Writers

MARCH 27, 2012 9:37AM

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I love a good thriller. This recent genre of novels is descended from older breeds of diversionary…


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MRI Music

MARCH 22, 2012 8:41AM

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(Note – I wrote this several weeks ago and didn’t get around to finishing it until now. I’m leaving it in the present…


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deep in the heart of miles and miles of texshus

Being away from the computer for a week, I'm having difficulties getting my oversized head and dark little heart into writing much.. it seems. Maybe-- don't know where to begin, but here's to trying . . .



Knowing Eli was graduating "A" school at hospital corpsman training for the Navy in San Antonio, Texas- I hatched a crazy scheme to drive there and pick him up while meeting some OS friends on the way. 

First stop was at Harry's,  Harry's Ghost   who…


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Why Antisemitism? Part 2: Israel

originally published on March 24, 2012. Oddly, the Israel antisemitism post is longer than the other one, because it's a more controversial topic.

To what extent does Israel’s conduct create antisemitism? 

I think Israel exacerbates and magnifies anti-Semitism but I don’t think Israel actually creates much of it. Why do I think this?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: I don’t like the current Israeli government at all. I think…


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1961: Mulberry Lane, Homerun Derby & Starry, Starry Nights

Mulberry Lane:


Mulberry Lane – fifty years later

In early August of 1961 our family moved into our very first new house in the 2800 block of Mulberry Lane.  It was a three bedroom, two bath ranch house on a barren postage stamp lot in a…


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Why Antisemitism? Pt. 1 [Pt. 2 covers Israel]

originally published on March 22, 2012. People have explained the hows of antisemitism a lot, but someone, I think it was Margaret Feike, asked me why. These two posts are my effort at an answer. They are in part a guess, but a fairly educated one. I got a lot of agreement when I first posted these. 

I’ve been asked this more than once on OS, as has Jonathan Wolfman. (His post of yesterday put the topic back on the table and he asked me if I was…


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SF 88 and the Cuban Missile Crisis

MARCH 20, 2012 9:14AM

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Cloud from 1st nuclear explosion, "Mike." 

I was scouting…


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Another Move, My 1st “C” & Why I Tried to Murder Senator Jim Forano

Another Move & My first “C”:


1961 was a busy year:  In his Farewell Address President Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans…


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N{OS}stalgia Food Tuesday Chicks' Night In Comments (cameo by Jem) #7

My mask has hardened, gotta wash it off. I smell like artificial peaches (=). 

Julie, did you enjoy yours?

Is Erica still here, she's been awfully quiet. What about Ferns?


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For a Couple of Hours I Was Thirteen Years Old Again

I realize this post may lead some of you to question my level of musical taste. My writing on OS consists mostly of tributes to rock heroes from my generation, all of whom are rapidly approaching senior citizen status. But that love of music started earlier than with the rockers I grew to admire and make part of my daily life.

 What I'm about to tell you may make me lose all credibility and any coolness factor I may have had in your eyes when it comes to music. Deep breath. Here goes.…


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Frampton Comes Alive--35 Years Later


Hard as it is for me to believe, Frampton Comes Alive was released 35 years ago. It was the must have album of the day and I remember everyone rushing out to get the double disc vinyl album eager to recreate the concert experience of a Frampton show. Back in the day of stereos with record changers, I remember stacking the two albums on the turntable spindle ready to lose myself in the tunes. The albums were even manufactured for this with one disc…


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Anyone Remember Snow? (OS Archives 2012)

Well, the grand plan for this weekend was to get the spring transplanting going before the garden buds out, inspired by Phyllis45's bustling garden work on her posts this week  ( ).

Mother Nature has intervened.

So, this snow, snowy Sunday, in the one corner of our country that is cold right now, we are inside with a fire crackling in the fireplace. Husband is on the ladder painting…


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March 17th, 2012

My child’s father married his second wife today. Good for him; I wish them all the best while at the same time I’m curious how many lessons he actually learned from marriage and divorce the first time around.
Although the logistics of child pick up and drop off were discussed, no one bothered to mention how—or if—I should look into proper attire for the daughter of the groom. But I know my child, and a quick costume change under pressure was the recipe for a…

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