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Italy’s Mount Etna Undergoing Magnificent Eruption

Italy’s Mount Etna Undergoing Magnificent Eruption:  Powerful fountains of lava and volcanic ash are spewing out of Sicily’s Mount Etna in southern Italy, with viewers around the world watching the fiery show from the comfort and safety of their computer chairs.  While local residents were a little unnerved, the volcano appeared to be having a blast.  Meanwhile, in his address to Congress, President Trump warned that this is a classic example of what can…


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Die Lieder Ist Cuckoo [update]

Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.

-- Kim Jong-Don/2017

It's got to go.  Repeal and replace with something terrific.

-- Kim Jong-Don/2015

[update 7 March 2017]

well, if one reads up on the Right's Replacement, we see the usual result:  the 1% are pampered and the rest are punished.  will the uneducated, unskilled, unemployed angry white folks who voted for billionaires and against their own self interest figure out they were scammed?  or will they…


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A Brief Note to the Baby Boomers Among Us

Under the aegis of the Trump administration, we are becoming the enemy that our parents and great grandparents fought two World Wars to defeat.

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Fish and Eagle

Me and my son have a thing every year, an ongoing contest of…


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The Beast "45" and his Minions Play the "Race Card"

The so-called President has reiterated his dismissal of the critical comments made about him during the 89th annual Oscars, accusing his Hollywood detractors of “pulling out the race card” because they’re “losing badly.”After bashing the awards show in an interview with Breitbart News on Monday, Trump doubled up during…


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The Distinguished Guest

Yesterday, I was honored, or (where I work) we were all honored to be in the presence of a distinguished guest, John W Franklin. He was at our worksite for the final program in Black History month, about the new NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE.

But even more distinguished…


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At the Preppy Headband Surgicenter

WELLESLEY FALLS, Mass.  It’s a quarter to 8 in the morning in this leafy suburb of Boston, and Washington Street–the main artery that takes commuters to the Massachusetts Turnpike–is bumper-to-polite-bumper.  “It’s a traffic jam, but one with good intentions,” says Dr. Fletcher Whipple as he makes a right turn and heads to the parking lot of the medical office building where he practices.

Image result for preppy headband

Starter set

We take the elevator to his outpatient surgery center,…


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SpaceX Says Two People Already Paid Up for Future Moon Mission

SpaceX Says Two People Already Paid Up for Future Moon Mission:  SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just revealed that two people have paid for a private mission around the moon in the company’s as yet untested Falcon Heavy rocket.  A spokesperson for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is denying that its them who’s paying for Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty to make the trip.…


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The Question to Ask...

....People with stronger ties and higher profiles in Russian government and politics than they have in the United States:

Paul Manafort

Carter Page…


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Whether It Is True or Not

Time Passes; Love Endures

I enjoy looking at the original art that some of present company put up for viewing here. I do not think that I have been oppressive in putting up samples of the Resident Artist, Susan Creamer Joy’s work. In fact, I think I have only done it…


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We Walk with Poetry Every Day

I haven't been around here much lately. For the last year, as far as writing goes, I've been gathering poems for a second collection and getting them ready to be seen. It's time. We Walk with Poetry Every Day is now available for Kindle and in print. …


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Oscar Stunner — How Pleasant Run of the Mill Show Turned Into Nightmare For Announced Winner

Got to start with the appropriate lead in a review about a show sometimes fun, but never great, had an acceptable host with occasional clever bits, didn’t have big surprises for most of the awards, including announced winner La La Land for Best Picture.

Co-presenter Warren Beatty seemed to toy with the crowd as he fiddled with the card, which he then showed to Faye Dunaway, who…


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For One Actor, Health Club Videos Fill Mid-Career Hole

BOSTON.  Jed Kraznow “had a good run,” in his words, as a loveable teenager appearing in several direct-to-video gross-out films that appealed primarily to the all-important adolescent male demographic, including “I Saw You Scratch Yourself” and “Farthammer II.”  “I was living the dream,” he says wistfully. “Making more than my dad and only 16 years old.”

Jed in “The Curse of Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.”


All that ended when his voice changed and…


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Trump Supporters Tell Retailers to Shut Up About Trump

Trump Supporters Tell Retailers to Shut Up About Trump:  After retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus announced they are dropping the Ivanka Trump brand, a group of Trump supporters now say they will refuse to shop at those vendors.  Yea, well excuse my skepticism, but it seems to me a bunch of Trump voters refusing to shop Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom would have about the same impact as Park Avenue residents deciding to boycott…


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Incident At Utsune Bridge

Why do we do it? Where does the madness come from? Is there hidden madness in everyone?…


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US Customs Screws Up Yet Again

U.S. detains and nearly deports French Holocaust historian...Henry Rousso is one of France’s most preeminent scholars and public intellectuals. Last week, as the historian attempted to enter the United States to attend an academic symposium, he was detained for more than 10 hours — for no clear reason.…


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My poor snowdrops - they came out on schedule for Imbolc at the beginning of Feb, when a 2-ft dump of snow finally started to melt, but then another 18 inches came down and they were buried again for a couple of weeks.  They were out again a few days ago, kinda despondent and stunted, and now another couple of inches have re-buried them.

Someone on a local Facebook group suggested that we locals should use our snowed-in time to do some art.  He led the way with a crude (in technique)…


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Art, Influences

Influences in Art - what are they?

Words are slippery things.  If someone asked what are my influences, I could make note of those whose work made me think that art making was something I wanted to do.  So I could name Tibor Gergely (a children’s book illustrator) or Andrew Wyeth.  I could name the impressionists who made a vivid impression upon my when I was in my teens.

But I am also influenced by what I see, so by the view from a bus, train or car.  Or the…


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I Might As Well Be In Uzbekistan

I was looking out of the kitchen window this morning as I washed a couple of glasses reflecting on how different the process is in one’s home as compared to a restaurant or bar, wondering how the neighbors wash their glasses.

We live at the end of a short street and after eight years are not friends with any of the neighbors by mutual agreement.  With the possible exception of the Hispanic family at the other end who might have voted Democrat, I’m sure the rest of the street voted…


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