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Okay, enough black voters already

The Supreme Court looks ready to gut the voting rights act because it promotes racial entitlement, in the words of Justice Scalia, giving unfair support to black voters. I mean, look at that 102-year-old black woman who waited in line for six hours while elsewhere white voters waltzed in and out... And then was mocked by the creatures that inhabit Fox News. Oh wait a minute – ah, perhaps I…


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Barnes & Noble's Nook Unit Falls Off. Ouch.

"Barnes & Noble Reports Big Falloff in Nook Unit" was the eye-catching headline in the business section of today's New York Times.

Last year Barnes & Noble reported that while their physical stores and website were doing less well than hoped, Nook sales and the B&N university bookstore chain were staying profitable.That may have been a slight exaggeration.


Despite large infusions of cash from Microsoft and…


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Movies in March and April 2013

Winter is slowly loosening her frigid grip on us and spring is right around the corner. March and April will bring us all the signs of the season of rebirth -- flowers, baseball, and best of all, some new movies aiming to entertain us...at least…


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The Guidance Counselor

He got  his degree and then a job, counseling

  students on  their futures.  He’d see them for

  fifteen  minutes at a time, juniors and seniors,

  all day long.   On their way…


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My Best Stuff? People of the Book

Inspired by a post from Steel Breeze I'm putting up this excerpt from the first draft of a historical novel based on the translation of the memoirs of a Canaanite who served as a scribe and diplomatic emissary of the Courts of King David and King Solomon.  This is his recollection of an official visit to a gathering of the tribal chiefs of  Midian, one of whom is his paternal grandfather:

"Dressed in my best clothing, I dismounted Bilhah and handed her reins to Gideon.  Opening my…


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What the President Should Have Told the Chamber: Repost from OS 2/21/11

This is a repost from Open Salon almost precisely two years ago. Given my previous post, here's an example of an earlier explanation of this phenomenon.


Several days ago, President Obama addressed the national Chamber of Commerce. He told them that the current jobless recovery wasn't good and that it was their responsibility to hire people. Somehow, I don't think this approach is going to achieve results. What follows is what I think he…


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Feeling Stupid

Marty and I were sitting in the living room killing time, waiting to head to the movies.  We were going to see Side Effects (really pretty good).

As we were chilling, visiting, and watching Mythbusters our once every two week house keeper, Robin, started unloading the cleaning paraphernalia from her car. 

Marty says, “Robin is here.”

This is really pretty good because sometimes Marty can’t get names right, even Robin’s who has been coming to our house for about 15…


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Fewer Plates Please!

If you had so far resisted the urge to google what an oryoki bowl is, you would perhaps find it amusing that oryoki is the concept of "just enough" and an oryoki bowl is part of the practice of eating a minimal meal.  So far, I have resisted the urge to live in a monastery and eat as a minimalist, but that doesn't mean I don't aspire to it.  In fact, I aspire to it almost every day.  Less often the monastery, and more often the less eating.

Of course, the oryoki bowl is a metaphor, at…


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Wot The Hell...

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Prepositions in the age of Sequestration

When I was a graduate student in the early 1970's I decided to use "linguistic analysis" as my research methodology.  My thinking was that this is what would let me more fully understand the meaning of philosophical concepts and constitutional issues.

After all these years my mind still picks at these concepts and worries at them much as a dog worries away at an oversized bone.  Sometimes I take myself all the way back to my early education when I was learning grammar.  That's where…


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My 8-Foot-Tall Voodoo Doll

When people ask me why I make the cross-country journey to Burning Man year after year, I tell them it is intensely therapeutic. And then I watch them laugh.

But it’s true you know, unless you’re one of those wayward frat boys or misguided hippie chicks.

“Is everyone naked?” they’ll ask me.

In reality, this freedom of expression is very limited. It’s the shirt cockers and cock socks that turn me off. Either…


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sad true tales of drugs and jails (and murder)


I had never before heard of a house with the electrical fuse panel outdoors, but so it was at John's place. Someone switched off the main out there, sometime around midnight, purposely. John went out to check, and was shot, twice. Once in the torso from the hedges, then point blank to the neck. He was a black man twenty years my senior and an addict; also my dear friend. I attended his…


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Pay no attention to the date, it's all about what you see and feel when you step outside.  Today in NJ it is 50 degrees.  I stepped outside and the sun was shining.  I set out to see if anything was shooting up from the ground.  I saw the tiny green shoots of the crocuses, and even some green tulip shoots.  But the clincher was when I saw a cluster of lovely snow…


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Getting Some

                                                             I got some!


                                                             Gonna get more.



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A Beautiful Death

My daughter has been obsessed with death lately.  On the eve of her 11th birthday, she cried in my arms, voicing her fears about growing old and dying, not wanting to go close her eyes and awaken the next morning a year older.  I wasn't sure what to tell her, I didn't have a firm answer.  I explained what I believed in my heart to be true; that when we die, we go to a place much more fantastical than this and are joined by our long lost loved ones.  "I'll be there waiting for you, I…


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Me and The Devil

This is Part 3 of a trilogy loosely built around the music and lyrics of Robert Johnson. Legend has it he traded his soul at a crossroad in exchange for learning to play the guitar in a fashion that has become the most copied and least attainable of the blues players who came out out of the Delta in the 1930's. He was said to have been haunted by a Hellhound, a mythological being who is said to portend death to those who come in contact.

Other than that the series does not…


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Mickey Mouse arbitrates for a raise!

This week's prompt is:  Write a story about trouble with a talking pet.

Mickey Mouse arbitrates for a raise!…


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My Dog's Hipper Than Your Dog

My dog’s hipper than your dog,

My dog’s hipper than yours–

My dog’s hipper ‘cause he wears a French beret

My dog’s hipper than yours.

My dog’s cooler than your dog,

My dog’s cooler than yours–

My dog’s cooler ‘cause he digs Charlie Parker

My dog’s cooler than yours.

My dog’s smarter than your dog,

My dog’s smarter than yours–

My dog’s smarter ‘cause he likes Jean-Luc Godard movies

My dog’s smarter than…


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Running from the Past (prose-poetry)

Running from the past, mistakes I have made

people I have hurt and people who have hurt me. I wonder, I wonder if these dark memories will ever fade? But he arrow of time points in one direction. I am who I am, radically different, and yet the same, trying to do the right thing, take care of myself and consider the fate of other people today.

Where have the years gone? Where have the…


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I'd Support Drug-Testing the Poor

Luis Lebron and his son, Jordan, 4, leave the Federal Courthouse in Orlando after <a class="taxInlineTagLink" id="ORCIG0000034" title="American Civil Liberties Union" href="/topic/social-issues/american-civil-liberties-union-ORCIG0000034.topic">ACLU</a> attorneys ask U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven to halt mandatory drug testing of Florida welfare applicants, on Monday, September 26, 2011. (Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda / Orlando Sentinel file)

Luis Lebron and his son leave a Florida courthouse in 2011.

     Several months back I said here I'd sign on to forced drug-testing of the poorest Americans, as Florida and other states want to do to those who depend day-to-day on public assistance, if those who depend on public assistance, say, budget-year over budget-year, were similarly tested and penalized for flunking…


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