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P.C. Warning: This Post Contains Racial Slurs!!!

The Adventure of First Flight:

DSC_0477 L-1049G Super Constellation N6937C left side landing l  

c0pyright -  Brian Lockett, Goleta Air and Space Museum

Our flight from Miami was a redeye.  In 1958 you walked out of the airport terminal across the tarmac and boarded the plane by climbing the stairs of a ramp…


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Down a Well

FEBRUARY 28, 2012 9:29AM

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 Why have I been absent from OS since last summer?  I’ve been busy working, of…


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Sea Hunt, Jumping the Shark & Mac’s Stand Off with the Bully

Sea Hunt:



On January 4, 1958 Lloyd Bridges, father of Beau and Jeff, starred in premier of the syndicated television series Sea Hunt.  I’d learned to swim…


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Grandma's Funeral and War Stories on a Summer's Night

Grandma's Funeral



I have no concrete recollection of our trip north except we borrowed Charlie Savitch’s new car a 1956 Buick…


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Fire Fall at Yosemite

FEBRUARY 24, 2012 12:55PM

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My old freind Peter Stern had been telling me for years about his cousin Tom, a musician…


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Reply to a friend checking on me

originally published Feb. 24, 2012. Normally, I do not include the comment threads when I copy old posts. For personal reasons, I want to keep this one. Some comments are missing from people who closed their OS accounts and so their comments disappeared. If I remember correctly, that would have included Rw005g, rwnutjob, and Seer. 

The friend alluded to is Lezlie. This was my first post following the death of my son Jonah, aged 17, on January 8, 2012. There are a…


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Chasing Headless Chickens and other Delights

 Summers on Pop’s Farm:

By Cold War Standards 1956 was almost a mellow year:  The Korean War Truce held firm for it’s second year, China (PRC) and Chairman Mao were more or less minding their own business, the last French soldiers were scheduled to leave Vietnam in April, and in the Soviet…


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Lunch With Linda -Redux

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 12:41PM

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Linda posted about our recent …


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In the Beginning

1949, the year I came into this world, was like most years of the Cold War era of the American Century in that it was fraught with triumph, angst and threat.  On New Year’s Day, when I was a mere bump in my mother’s belly, things started out on a promising note – the UN sponsored a ceasefire brought an end to the Indo-Pakistan War of 1947, and then Harry Truman was inaugurated for…


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Valentine's Day at the In-n-Out -1st Anniversary

FEBRUARY 14, 2012 6:18PM

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Well, Mrs. Muse and I did it again, just like a year…


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The First Valentine ~ back when straight marriage was banned (OS Archives 2012)


 The legends of the beginnings of Valentine's Day are varied and confused -- some say there were actually three different men called Valentine back in the day, the days of ancient Rome, that is.

One of those stories about Valentine of which fact and legend are impossibly intertwined is this:  

It was a crime for young couples in love to…


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Stephen King and my dad (Part 2)

FEBRUARY 13, 2012 11:58AM

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 In researching his alternate history of JFK’s assassination, 11/22/63, Stephen…


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How to Say Good-Bye

I wrote this the day before my mom passed away. I guess I'm ready to share it now. Sort of a downer before Valentine's day, but it is about love...


Life is so short

And it is coming to an end

So sad

And I want to cry


Mommy is dying

I feel like a little girl

I know they do

But how do I say good-bye


So many lost chances

We never got to be friends

It was close once

Then her…


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how many times did it take before you got high?

The first comment I saw at OS this morning was (paraphrasing as the post is now down), "Neil, do you really think it's wise to state right here on your blog that you purchased illegal drugs sometime in your past?  Really??"
Next thing that caught my eye was a post by zanelle titled "smoking a bowl" and thought, HA... alrighty then, that kind of a…

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Stephen King and my dad (Part 1)

FEBRUARY 9, 2012 1:25PM

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I was…


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The Galveston "Soggy Gras" Half Marathon

The weather was calm and cool Sunday morning as I began my hour and a half drive to The Strand. I was imagining overcast or mostly cloudy skies and a sea breeze wind to cool my 13.1 mile run up and down the seawall. However--the weather of the last few days threatened rain, concerns of lightning might delay the start of the race, and I wondered what it would take to stop everything entirely—hoping that would not happen.

Mild drizzle turned to a moderate rain as I crossed the I-45…


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Love Story

What can you say about a Sorority Girl who becaame a Stripper?

( Now that I have your attention - (Thanks for the tip, fernsy))


It's not what you're THINKIN

While you're doin whatcher doin

IT's watcher DOIN while

You're doin whatcher doin…


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Fuck it--I Love You: My Life with "Tourette's-like Symptoms"

In response to a potential "hysteria" outbreak at an upstate New York High School. About 12 teenagers were exhibiting "Tourette's-like Symptoms".

DISCLAIMER: I am neither doctor nor medical scientist. I do not have a stack of research from which to cite that I may quantify my observations. I can only tell you my story. 


In high school I developed Tourette’s Syndrome--or something like it. I was months into my unnamed affliction before I realized it wasn’t…


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40 years Toyota

   For some reason I could never figure, American car makers dropped the ball beginning in the early 70's. Quality and customer service went by the wayside. Planned obsolescence became their business model, and the savvy Japanese, in particular, Toyota, stepped in with a novel idea-- build and sell economical vehicles that are actually made to last, and stand behind them. Seems now, 40 years later that the big three in America are finally…

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