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Wilderness Wandering

So this is the fate to which I've condemned myself: the fate of the damned.

The grasses are eight feet high in every direction. For how far? Two more feet or two more lifetimes? How can I know? How can I rise… Continue

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Mariah Carey Shrugs Off New Year's Eve Performance Difficulties

Mariah Carey Shrugs Off New Year's Eve Performance Difficulties:  Pop diva Mariah Carey took to Twitter to explain that “s**t happens” after she stopped singing midway through a song because of technical difficulties experienced during her New Year’s Eve performance in Times…


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Vacation, Free Time, Dinosaurs and Mitochondria

January 2, 2017:  It will take a couple of months before I quit writing 2016.  It was a rotten year on several fronts, and it was a great year on others.


There was a political disaster.  A man with narcissistic personality disorder brilliantly used social media to first win the GOP nomination and then become president-elect.  His presidency, however, was perhaps the least important part of the disaster.  The GOP, through him, will be able to nominate at least…


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Just Why The Democrats Don't and Won't Get It

It's crisis time for the Democrats as they scramble for explanations to their recent demise in the presidential race. After losing more than 1600 seats through out the US, the Senate, and House of Representatives since 2010 would you think they would finally do some soul searching? Could…


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The Trump Victory

As a conservative, I feel like I should be giving more of a crap about the Trump victory but I don't feel it matters. At the Federal level, all politicians are scum and while Hillary would not have been as bad a president as many of my fellow conservatives think, Trump will not suck as bad as the left thinks.

That is not saying much, however.

Even if we "fix" healthcare and can somehow manage a 50% reduction in premium across the board, employers have been too used to getting…


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The Transgender Scout - Commentary by a former Scout Leader

By now, I assume all Our Salon members have read about the transgender kid who was allowed to join a Cub Scout pack but has now been thrown out. I am also guessing that most are thinking to themselves about how backward the boy scouts are! How ungenerous and so forth. I’m sure most swear that they would never let a child of their join (if young enough to have a school aged boy). And why do we need Boy Scouts anyway!

I too thought Scouts were corny . But when my son was 7 (in 1985) we…


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How to Cheer Up a Sad Poem

It is one of the most difficult problems of aesthetic philosophy: What do we mean when we say that a song or poem is sad? I’ve read Aristotle, Kant, Croce–Benedetto, not Jim–all the big names. As far as I can tell, nobody’s come close to answering the question.

Benedetto Croce

More important—it seems to me—is why isn’t anybody doing anything about it. You’ve got all these sad songs out there—from the peaks of “Lush Life” by Billy Strayhorn to…


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Washington Post Dinosaur Comment Angers Creationist Ken Ham

Washington Post Dinosaur Comment Angers Creationist Ken Ham:  Creationist Ken Ham is reportedly very upset and telling the Washington Post to “get it right,” after they incorrectly reported that Ham believes the dinosaurs were wiped out by the flood when he actually believes that Noah brought all the dinosaurs on board the Ark with him.  Well of course the dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.  Hell, there’s even a wonderful documentary on the…


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Hamming it up for New Year's

Well, our NY dinner with Reno Rob went better than at Christmas.  If you recall, he gave up and went home on Christmas because Slow Cooker with pot roast.  NY's we got a ham, already cooked, only needed to be warmed up.  Cranked the slow cooker up (with microwave standing by) for the potatoes and squash, and voila.…


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New Year Traditions From Around the World

In Italy, they throw old dishes and glasses out their windows.  In Latin countries, women wear yellow underwear for good luck and red for success in love.  In America, people blow noisemakers and pretend to be interested in two .500 football teams playing in the WeedWacker Cauliflower Bowl.  People around the world celebrate the New Year in a variety of ways.  Join me for a whirlwind world tour (and try saying that five times fast) of the different ways people in other lands “ring…


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One Sentence Question for 2017

What's the difference between these two extremely wealthy, high profile accused sex…


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