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One Middle Eastern Groom

 The workshop table turned over with a crash. Seething, his robes torn, his rage continued to surge. The cabinet he had been hired to build, almost finished, had flown into the opposing wall.

His beloved, his bride as arranged in the traditions of his people, was taken by a rogue band of soldiers. His thoughts were not wasted on their motives or their bigotry; they were operatives for the Devil as far as he was concerned.  This heathen army came to his country as an…


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maniac depressive republicanism

Inspired by Walter Blevins who became unemployed recently...

Best to YOU Walter and every other person out of a job for no fault of their own-- 


It was April of the year Y2K...

My salary was $34,000 per year which came to $653.85 per week before taxes;…


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How Shall I Call My Spirit In ? (OS Archives 2012)

How shall I call my spirit back in...

...when she has been dancing among the forest trees?



                                                                      How shall I persuade her to come                                                                                    home...…


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13(miles)x30: My first Half-Marathon

It was my birthday and I was slow to get out of bed as the grey morning light filtered through the gauzy curtains, but I had a promise to keep.

Alone in the house, I was in no hurry to get my running clothes together, but neither was I lethargic at the task. Today is the first day of Act II of the Life of Julia.  Eager, I am, to set the pace for the next thirty…


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You Wear it Well, Rod Stewart

The hair. The strut. The fashion. The women. The alcohol fueled days. And that voice-that raspy, wonderful voice. Add it up and you get Rod Stewart.  66 years old on January 10th, he is still cranking out hit albums and touring.
Rod first hit the scene with The Jeff Beck Group in 1967. He recorded and toured with the band until they broke up due to in-fighting in 1969 right before they were scheduled to play at…

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Why FullThought? Why Now?

FullThought is 4 years old now. I still love what I am doing and it still feels very much like pushing a heavy rock up a steep hill. In almost daily conversations I find myself addressing: Why FullThought? Why now?

One answer is that we don’t need to look far to see examples of partial thought in our current world. 

Example One: our financial crisis is the result of partial thought.
Gillian Tett of The Financial Times writes in her book Fools Gold,…


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I Met a Man Yesterday

I met a man yesterday; he carries a bundle that has been passed down for 19 generations. He was given this responsibility at 12. His words are select and few. He doesn’t get up in the morning and say “how do I make a living?” He worries of bigger things. We are at a crossroads. We must unify. How do we get the words of this prophecy out? How do we get the words out to a world that doesn’t even know our language? I listen to his words. They are a mystery to me but a deep powerful mystery. One…


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