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How Cozy Is the Astronomical Neighborhood


Hubbel telescope finds galaxy from the time of the Big Bang

I have no idea how to interpret this.  I just thought it looked cool.

I read this morning that astronomers have discovered a nearby star with seven earth sized planets circling the dwarf star.  At 40 light years…


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one sentence post. where the hell is bernie?

where is bernie and what is he doing and why isn't he front and center at this terrifying time when we need him so much and people are showing up at town halls and they are protesting and it's so heartening and gives a lot of hope and i know there are lots and lots of people who are not getting out there yet because there isn't a progressive group that is really speaking to them and because they are so heartbroken about bernie and because they believe that he could have beaten trump and they…


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Pragmatism vs Idealism at the DNC

Just read this story and it has me turning my head inside out as I consider what should be "right" as opposed to what might "work" for the Democratic National Committee in 2017 and the Midterm Elections in 2018: Ellison holds edge in DNC race survey.  In my heart I hold nothing but respect for Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.) who in a new survey of DNC members holds an edge over former Labor…


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A Year Later, Iran Nuclear Deal OK, But Road Ahead Could Be Rocky



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I must be getting older

lately I’ve come to…


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who are you

who are you

how long must i stand in the cold cold rain

that relentlessly soaks deep within to the bone…


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I'm trying to push through a man-sized head cold and fever. Work doesn't go away so I try to handle what I can from the laptop and phone. For the most part things are under control but generating new business is impossible when you know a sneeze that sounds like Tarzan on a vine may burst out at any…


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death: more than loss ... speed bump?

death: more than loss ... speed bump?

the loss of another is sad at best and should the one now deceased, thru no purposeful…


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Gitmo Inmate: TED Talks Couldn't Break My Spirit

OMDURMAN, Sudan.  Ibrahim al-Wala is enjoying his first days of freedom in this sun-splashed city of nearly three million in Khartoum after his release from the U.S. detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but like many former detainees of that oft-criticized facility he hopes to get back to work soon.  “I’d like to go into something with a future,” he says thoughtfully as he…


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The River Angry

"It's just a matter of time now."

I was peering through my binoculars from my secret upstream perch overlooking the river. If only everyone could see this, I sighed. I do not have the words to fully translate what my… Continue

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did hitler ever eat a taco?

i'm jus sayin. had one okie $20 bill, paid for a gin…


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Physics Teacher Receives Death Threats if Students Don’t Pass

Physics Teacher Receives Death Threats if Students Don’t Pass:  A 50-year-old high school teacher in Buenos Aires said she’s received death threats, including a letter with a 9 mm bullet in it, warning her she would be shot if she didn’t give the entire class a passing grade in physics.  While I don’t condone gun violence, in these students defense, they were just studying the “Big Bang.”  On the other hand, I don’t think even death threats would have helped…


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my completely brilliant comments are NOT POSTING and i'm losing what is left of my mind. this steel trap is now an Aluminum Sieve. planet earth 2. and lying.

why the flying fucking fuck is this happening? and why is it only happening sometimes so i get complacent and i write another fascinating response and, pouf, it's fucking gone. my laptop is either pretty fucked or it is the free wifi in this godforsaken building that causes this shit. hmmm, is it coming across that i'm a bit peeved about this? i'd be grateful for any guidance.

and, btw, episdoe one of Planet Earth 2 on BBCA last night is beyond.... just freaking off the charts…


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One Sentence on the Absurdity of Trump’s America

There was a time when it would have been an unthinkable absurdity of the highest order to contemplate or believe that there would be need of a safe haven or asylum for political and religious refugees from the United States of America.

Kudos and thanks to Boanerges for the…


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Rare Moments

How serene

at first light…


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The North Star: A New Chapter in the Flight to Freedom

“Canada is not merely a neighbour of Negroes.

Deep in our history of struggle for freedom, Canada was the North Star.

                                                                                                                 -- Martin Luther King Jr., 1967

     Most everyone has heard of the Underground Railroad that brought so many fugitive slaves to Canada, all of them following the hope that was "The North Star".



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Monumental Sculpture

For a certain ambitious artist, a large work in a public space is the test of their artistic chops.

An example of one such artist is Richard Serra, whose work changed how we view art in public spaces. Still, some of his works are claustrophobic (which is my problem, not his). And in one famous work, Tilted Arc, he miscalculated the public's reaction. He thought that he was making folks really see space - but he forgot that workers in a busy city feel a great ownership of the public…


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Faux News and Tucker Carlson Manufacture Alternative Talking Heads

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a hard time booking Olga Lexell, the creator and co-organizer of the nationwide Not My President’s Day protests on Monday. So, after repeated refusals, Carlson’s show instead booked Shane Saunders, a Los Angeles-based actor and casting agent, who Lexell said “was not affiliated in any way with our rallies and was not an organizer.”…


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"I am in favor of the foundation of a Palestinian state."

Today, I read some of the most horrendous bullshit I have seen on this site.

I'm going to break it down for you, m'kay?:

"The problem in Palestine is that the population is in essence under military occupation, whereas the Blacks you reference are citizens.  That's why the territories are called Occupied."

Notice how the hasbara spewing Zionists absolutely refuse to call the indigenous people who LIVED…


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bor - ing update YAWN WARNING

I'm bored.

I can't do much, my right leg from the knee down is in what might be called a soft cast.  It's really - I don't know what's really going on in that lump and I won't know until my genius doctor pulls back the beige and puts the real cast on, which will be - assuming I don't fall over and bash in my skull or some such shit - should be Thursday.  

Feeling under it seems like there's…


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