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Bill the Vet's Fabulous Adventure Begins...


Pack three very diverse people into a 34 foot 2013 Coachman Mirada RV and bisect the USA from Northern Minnesota to New Orleans, Louisiana, near the Gulf of Mexico.…


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Melania Denies Trump Hand Holding Second Straight Day

Melania Denies Trump Hand Holding Second Straight Day:  First Lady Melania Trump has once again denied her husband’s attempt to hold her hand for a second day in a row on their overseas tour.  Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.  It may just be his hand is so small, she didn’t even notice it.…


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I Love Bearded Iris



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What's Wrong With Trump

I wrote this in early March but I think it is still relevant.

Throughout the campaign the issue of whether Donald Trump was fit to be President was continually discussed and debated. The most common term used was “temperament,” i.e., the argument was whether or not Mr. Trump had the proper temperament to be President. This is separate from the issue of what his policies would be and…


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Stockman writes in Trumped! (2016) that after the Berlin Wall fell in…


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Three Major Events That Affected Mankind in the 20th Century

In human history there have been pivotal points in the affairs of society, technology, religion, economics, and in militarism that have instigated sweeping changes even epiphanies that have had an impact that could be measured decades and even centuries later. Such events as the birth of a savior, Jesus…


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Father Kniest, Jazz Priest

I’m getting too old for this, I thought as I made my way down Boylston Street, my tambourine in one hand, the Good Book in the other. I started ministering to the jazz scene in Boston back when Estelle Slavin and Her Swinging Brunettes were the house band at Izzy Ort’s Coney Island Club on Essex Street. Floogie Williams and the Unquenchables were ensconced at the Tip-Top Lounge, which didn’t sit well with the sconces that came with the place as trade fixtures, but so what? We were young and…


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Democrats; Time to Re-brand and Reboot.

Fair Play, South Carolina is a real town in the Upstate

"Our Name Says it All"

Trying to find the core belief within a political party is a little like looking for an item in the refrigerator; brands change and the location within the ‘fridge changes, but butter is still butter and…


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Question for a Tuesday

"Committed to being America’s best first job"  is the trademarked slogan for the

McDonald's ad campaign to counter the labor movement for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage.

They've poured millions of dollars into national advertising and lobbying all levels of government in an effort to surppress the upward pressure on the minimum wage rather than taking the same money and distributing it to employees.

All of us have had experience with that very first 'real' job and… Continue

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Yellowstone Supervolcano 2.5 times Larger Than Previous Estimates

Yellowstone Supervolcano 2.5 times Larger Than Previous Estimates:   A new study shows the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park is actually about 2.5 times larger than previous estimates, suggesting that an eruption could very well doom all of humanity.  Scientists theorize it would be nearly impossible for most life forms to survive such a cataclysmic event, with the possible exception of cockroaches or perhaps a few of the…


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I've come to Fear the Wind

My soul feels abandoned, pushed to the Edge of the universe. There's Nowhere I can turn. The sound of this… Continue

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Racially motivated gerrymandering losing in North Carolina

Important ruling. Overturns an earlier Supreme Court mistake that conflated racial motivations to suppress black votes as merely political play to a more rational and legal standard that declares that politically…


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Fake Your Way With Biz Cliches

If you want to get ahead in business, it is not enough to be intelligent, hard-working, and decisive.  The Great Plains of Commerce are littered with the corpses of men and women who possess these qualities, and who were nonetheless stung to death by a swarm of buzzwords.…


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I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Chris Cornell's death. He was 52 when he decided to cash out, roughly 2 months younger than I am. Sometimes when I attempt to put myself in the mind of a person like Cornell right before he hung himself, or Kurt just before he pulled the trigger, or any one of the millions of anonymous people out there who chose to stop living rather than face that darkness any longer, I can, almost, understand what they were thinking in those last few minutes or seconds.… Continue

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Trump deals with the Saudis

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Noted Artists Refuse to Paint Trump’s Official Portrait

Noted Artists Refuse to Paint Trump’s Official Portrait:  Twelve of the nation's most revered portrait artists-including the woman who painted Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush - have refused the White House's invitation to capture Mr. Trump on canvas.  …


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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Dance Parade, 2017 NYC Part 2

A great song but please don’t take the title too seriously.  It certainly does not mean that girls don’t also want success or to be respected.  But the song kept coming back to me as I watched the Dance Parade yesterday.  The event itself was overwhelmingly female. …


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Single Yesterday

Bobby Kennedy's Speech for Humanity

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