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moki ikom commented on Johnny Robish's blog post Republican Asks NASA About Ancient Civilizations on Mars
"Some private equity investment folks could bid her panties up to $50mln (park their money so to speak), insure the garment, put it in a  vault, go secure a $50mln or more loan using the panties for collateral, then go buy real estate to flip…"
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Inside Quisling's Brain
"Trump doesn’t want soldiers in his administration, soldiers watch each others’ backs firstly, whereas mercenaries are not so concerned with each other’s back as with one’s rewarding devotion to one’s benefactor. Hillary…"
moki ikom liked Ron Powell's blog post Why Trump Can't Govern
Jul 13
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"Wasn't wondering too much about an argument being made for u.s. zionazi (militant/genocidal/militarist zionism)—i.e., to be zionazi does not necessarily mean also to be israeli, much less jewish-- innocence in Iran,  though…"
Jul 13
moki ikom liked Ron Powell's blog post What Is Collusion? Is It Even a Crime?: Guest Post Politico Magazine
Jul 13
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
""What exactly did Israel have to do with Iranian hostages?" That's a great question, exactly.   i dunno, perhaps of all the horrors perpetrated by militant Zionism, Zionaziism in the Middle East specifically, on Earth generally,…"
Jul 13
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"Ron, any person of color should know that centuries of making u.s. America a white enclave is the origin on which was based the economic staus quo of distribution of Earth's finite resources,, the thermobaricity of our atmospere and especially…"
Jul 12
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"i dunno kosh, maybe your're right(eoUS) and it (post-Shah Iran embassy prisoners/spies/Shah Pahlavi enablers/profiteers) in U.S. is the only disease in the Middle East and Persia to India in which Zionazi-catagion in Palestine did not have…"
Jul 12
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"Were quad an(nu)al “dumbass hubris” an honorarium to be conferred on one our recent major party presidential candidates, it would fit the DNC Brazile Wasserman-Schultz Clinton cablUSts like a snug tight condom,, as far as Bernieites…"
Jul 12
moki ikom commented on Ron Powell's blog post Probable Cause
"Should special prosecutor grant immunity to general flynn neither Jared nor junior, nor the president for that matter is likely to be granted immunity by very many of u.s. metroplises' residents, legal residents or not. "
Jul 11
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"Considering the consequential destruction and millions of killed or diplaced peoples with which the Bush_Cheney regime ushered in the new Christian Zionausea Century, the treason and war crimes committed by Bush_Cheney is the worst of these three…"
Jul 11
moki ikom commented on Robert Young's blog post Burn, Baby, Burn
"Ronald Reagan's campaign staff committed a greater treason in 1980 (compared to known Trump et. al treasonous acts at this point in timetime) by colluding with Israel and Iran to hold the u.s. embassy prisoners (aka "hostages") at…"
Jul 11
moki ikom commented on alsoknownas's blog post Meddling Seems So Harsh
"" ... evidence of reporters trying to start WWIII and the more accurate description of the interference in elections simply be called the prank it was." -- Former NSA director ZbignewB* would have justified** world war against Russia over…"
Jul 11
moki ikom commented on alsoknownas's blog post Meddling Seems So Harsh
"O country fair,, fond memories abound.  As for our terrorUSt warfare to propagate our wholly corporatist corruption democrUSy upon the whole of humanity, our corporatists' hacking our elections goes along with their owning our financial…"
Jul 10
moki ikom commented on MV Neland's blog post Repost of article re: the upcoming global warming march on Washington D.C.
"" ... human denial and ignoring is profound. Apply this (dis)ability to so many aspects of human living ... scary... it is less about ignoring facts as it is about ignoring consequences." The keyword in that is ignorance, though…"
Apr 25
moki ikom commented on MV Neland's blog post Video of recent Rev Barber speech.
"watched, listened to his 'sermon'--- totally agree…  as unity is about community, community (ala "it takes a village") is about communism (economic model for limited Earth resources distribution), its presence and its…"
Apr 24

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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. --Albert EinsteinWe cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. --Albert Einstein

Moki ikom's Blog

Trumpcare is $uper-wealth care, not health care

Posted on April 20, 2017 at 12:30pm 4 Comments

In one word, the term "Trumpcare" effectively describes what the Trump administration is

to more in the world than just United States' healthcare prospects following Trump's sabotage and repeal warfare on Obama Era's humanely evolving (ie, health care as a right, an entitlement*) U.S. healthcare provisions.

The term '"Trumpcare" is applicable to human conditions in the world that are becoming, if not already so,  terrorUSt wet-dreams realized in real…


Fareed Zakaria, Trump Derrangement Syndrome and scurriloUS Reasoning

Posted on April 16, 2017 at 11:00am 10 Comments

Still watching Fareed Zakaria cnn gps after he defended his defense of Trump's missile attack on scurriloUS reasoning.

At least David Frum and Antony Blinken are contributing some sound, non-terrorUSt reasoning to the terrorUSt-Korean peninsula branch of terrorUSt$' derangement syndrome insomuch as it's possible one can be in possession of non-terrorUSt$ reasoning without being of anti-terrorUSt persuasion.


"Instead of building a wall, he's running into one ... it's…


the integrity deal

Posted on April 15, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

the integrity deal

Nations led by leaders without integrity are led by dealers, confidence men and the rare confidence woman, whose art in life is to con others into a deal, a morality deal. A deal wherein the best  —that is most successful in a material sense: independent of, without morality being an ingredient to the deal by the con of self-aggrandizing achievement—  to expected is an amoral deal, a deal wholly lacking personal integrity because that's the…


Haka Against Big Oil

Posted on April 4, 2017 at 12:30pm 3 Comments

Haka Against Big Oil


Haka for Big Oil

Sometimes watching Trump the President at a podium is like watching his versions of haka; though, the exact opposite (like watching ice melt or freeze) is watching…


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