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MV Neland liked koshersalaami's blog post Tortoises, a cat, three more cats, a dog, a couple of national monuments, and a dress face
18 minutes ago
Drew-Silla commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"Your title is incomplete, Mr. Salaami. It should end with AND Conservatives Are Stupider Than Liberals, as per some important studies conducted by Satoshi Kanazawa and…"
46 minutes ago
koshersalaami commented on Lisa Winkie's blog post Life and Death in Suburbia
"We had no way of knowing the gated community was yours. If you take down your last comment and this one, I won't say anything. And I doubt anyone feels either comfortable enough with you yet or (as is theoretically possible) antagonistic enough…"
1 hour ago
moki ikom liked koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
1 hour ago
koshersalaami commented on marilyn sands's blog post "POKER FACED SEAN SPICER'S TELLS" ...a Slide Show!
"Just making those rugs jealous"
2 hours ago
koshersalaami commented on Rodney Roe's blog post The History We Know is the History We Are Told; Reflections on "The Invention of Wings"
"While I was unaware of the variety of slave origins, at this point you'd be hard pressed to separate American Blacks culturally by points of ancestral origin. That has happened to some of the American White population but there are awfully big…"
2 hours ago
Drew-Silla liked koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
3 hours ago
koshersalaami commented on Robert Young's blog post Location, Location, Location [update]
"My insurance often has a given amount they will pay and if hospital billing exceeds that, they leave the rest to you. Or they insist that if the hospital takes their insurance that they are charged a fixed rate for certain procedures, goods,…"
3 hours ago
koshersalaami commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"Naah. Not trying to lure him. Not for his benefit.  James, what Martin guitar? I owned a satin finish D28 for years but had to pawn it at one point. I eventually got more cash and bought an old Gibson Hummingbird. Unexpectedly, I prefer the…"
4 hours ago
koshersalaami commented on Doc Vega's blog post Why The Nice Guy Finishes Last in Relationships
"Tr ig, I'm not going to give you shit for insulting him. Hell, I came in polite, he took a shot at me, I stayed civil, he called me an Alt. What can I say? The guy likes verbal dodgeball. I'm cool with that. Just posted my return, in…"
4 hours ago
Foolish Monkey commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"If you're trying to lure Vega over here, it'll never happen.  He posts his crazy manifestos knowing full well they're crazy manifestos but still, they flesh out his crazy whines in such a way as to go on and on and on, where he…"
4 hours ago
James Hart liked koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
5 hours ago
James Hart commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"Busy day, koshersalaami I was just over on Mandy Farmers after riffing on pg 16 Cliff Notes Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain, after a rough eve and pro-babble should kick my Afterthought project as the core cancelled what with the…"
5 hours ago
Birdinhand commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"I saw one of his posts the other day and was thinking he must be kidding. Like "The Onion" or some other type of parody. I read a couple more posts and it became apparent he is an escapee. He means what he says. I just don't get how…"
5 hours ago
JMac1949 Today commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"There are a wide spectrum of Americans who identify themselves as Conservatives, many of whom regard themselves as small government fiscal conservatives who believe in the sanctity of individual rights and oppose any government interference in the…"
6 hours ago
Terry McKenna commented on koshersalaami's blog post Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country
"When Republicans decided to end earmarks, it was the death knell for moderates.  The additional prominence of figures like Grover Norquist have only added fuel to the conservative fire.  "
6 hours ago

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Male, Jewish, in my early sixties, married with kids (well, at this point I guess that should be "kid"). Thanks to Lezlie for avatar artwork - sort of a translation of my screen name. "Salaam" is peace in Arabic, hence the peace sign. (No, my name doesn't mean "hunk of meat" and yes, the pun is intentional.)

Koshersalaami's Blog

Conservatives: Anti-Family, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Country

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 9:30am 8 Comments


This post is dedicated to Doc Vega, who inspired it. Every once in a while I get an urge to attempt to approximate his style. This is one of those days. I’m not a perceptive enough writer to really get it right, but I think I’m at least in the neighborhood. Obviously, we do not share viewpoints – I am not interested in approximating his content. I’d rather hold down my lunch.


I write about the greatest danger facing America today: Conservatives.…


Tortoises, a cat, three more cats, a dog, a couple of national monuments, and a dress face

Posted on March 26, 2017 at 5:53pm 9 Comments

That's what's in my camera phone from the last couple of weeks. 

My brother in law has unfortunately found himself in territory I know all too well - he lost his first-born son and was a couple of rooms over while it was happening. Our wives our sisters. Within the last couple of years, my mother in law also lost her first born son,…


News Bulletin: Trumpcare

Posted on March 24, 2017 at 1:02pm 12 Comments

Trump just cancelled the vote. The Republicans did not have the votes. For the time being, ACA stays in place.

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At 11:46am on January 9, 2017, James Hart said…


Never hire a LitAgent whose a bigger

D than you

racing toward 'dem sticks and stones











the craft is beautiful albeit this 'tramp-o-lien-like' floor remains too cold for bare feet. 


Universal Soldier

over the BBC

fingers crossed that the rain upon the doom keeps

dripping of the plexiglass . . . .

Roberta yust noted: it's a jingle-jangle-jangle tangle, a Fellini wire tangle,

all this @ the day before; this visual like one of those Viking spike balls

rollin' down to the


She pleads that I let spleeping dogs lay.


I thought --- opting to doze rather than risk


At 10:50am on January 9, 2017, James Hart said…

right now I have to spend up for Leon Ledderman's Poetica mit Quantum Physics'.  Trouble with being a xylophone tuner ... gotta beware that RhinoVirus.

We the Living.

Re-reading Ishmael Beah's

A  Long Way Gone

Memoirs of a Boy Soldier 

yipster! When the snow flys!


Have THEY loaded the midnight train

today's re-current grip is about BIGSPEAK and how they 86'd antiseptic soaps (those 99.9ers)

the backoftheclass pleads for an ANSWER

How many toothpastes do we need?

Surely our empiricism can homogenize best.

and don't let's not get started on all that 'loose cannon stuff' in Victor Hugo

Here's tomorrow's adadge


You know? How's it all gonna work for the kids. I'm saying fight rings ARE SQUARE. 

Meanwhile, Roberta tweets:

Someday Soon

& I go:

Tomorrow May Rain


BREVITY is the moniker of the clothing line!

At 10:19am on January 9, 2017, James Hart said…

thanks K

its been sd the oldest man is an uber  taskmaster, ive seen that portrait of J , by golly, turned wrongly one more time, on past Robertas (') all was dark and she's jiggered that 2nd wooden step with a sound alarm, CM's its alright caught me on tip-toe, all was calm albeit the Comedian in Chief absolutelee gotta fly on over the big drink (humbly, porfabor) and parley with the source; gone again: much of it, and 'dis unvetted ramble of the 'cart in front o' the horse' like insouciant saliva, where was the Don during the CubanOmissel crises????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I PAID (people against impaired driving)


to d bro (or the oldest MAN) or the S, I'd never O-loaded mine obsolete sixer [phone (surf's up somewhere)] nor busted my Lbow post body-slam afterwhich they had to snip off my Egyptian ring due to the swelling.

Sure Ive been busy with my reconstruction (even-t thought of self-publishing a cookbook in order to keep the thermostat on at least '72) all this with false correlation(s) although I've been hacked trice during this unprepared thank you,


I'm living in an experimental flotation out here in ground 0zero center of Lake MI and All is Calm without OP to count those blue cars, ah honey! Let me add, graci: old friend!

Wonderful back in the straddle. 

Fingers crossed we'd meet (not hook) up at the NJ concert @MKE 2June2017.  Haps(pur) (I've just turned down JC's poignant Danny Boy) WOW that portrait of J, K thanks and maintain strength.

Presumably youre wellAware of that phraseology: ... any day now ...

Alas, you didn't know. Graci and choi, as I'm more relaxed, with this blue blue Centrum on my tongue.

Indeed. CountemNweep.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone (string of ? marks implied . . .)

At 1:01pm on June 24, 2016, Mike Shields said…

You are a sharp cookie Kosher. I don't always agree with your posts, but I do like reading them.

At 2:00pm on March 28, 2015, Phyllis said…

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the limerick post enough to keep it. It's a favorite of mine, too.

At 8:23pm on March 21, 2015, Theodora L'Engle Knight said…

I sent a message to you. hope it got there. my laptop is really fucked up at this tim.e

At 5:30pm on September 28, 2014, koshersalaami said…
Why not? I don't know why you blocked me unless you assume I had something to do with your OS account closing. Not involved, not informed up front.
At 1:59am on June 21, 2013, Arthur James said…


I just noticed the Accept or Ignore ` Pick Fried Chicken For Friend.

I lost Art James


older Arthur James


Kerry's never been responsive.

He'd cut his lover's nose off.

@ Salon?


2- paid non-advertising names:

* bebop-o

* GoodCelery!


a couple other non ` $45.00 names



Something isn't right with some folks.

Who pays these critters to be Nasty?

They are not well. Serious Nasty.

At 10:15pm on November 25, 2012, Heidi Banerjee said…

Good morning,good night Kosh.

At 3:54pm on October 26, 2012, Poor Woman said…

Thank you , kosh, for the friendship! If you're in the path of the storm, stay safe, and fill us in on how things went!


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