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Portland, Oregon, USA
July 02, 1952

jewish writer/former screenwriter/recovering accountant from Boston now moldering in the rain in Portland, OR. and, yes, of course i should move but I battle with Agoraphobia and have trouble even leaving my apartment. but i'm blessed to have a fabulous 9 year old service dog Cocoa Chanel. Ella Fitgerald was my Official SD. she was 11 years old and so perky and such a trooper but she passed away in July. Cocoa has been stepping up and taking her job very seriously, which is so moving. so we now have a kitten. he drives us crazy and then he conks out wrapped around cocoa and we forgive him. we thought he was a girl. i named "her" Gloria Steinem and she was a feminist and a feline-est. but it turned out that Gloria's Balls had dropped. so his name is Gary Cooper or G-Coop. as annoying as he is much of the time -- apparently he's a Teenager now -- he takes our focus off of losing Ella, which was my intent when we adopted him.

Theodora L'Engle Knight's Blog

the best new best friend: reference librarian, jewish, loves podcasts & chickens!/standup comedy open mikes/I'm An Acquired Taste & an Oprah show guest! sorry, trigi

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 6:00pm 11 Comments

OKAY THIS IS ALL FUCKED UP. THE BOTTOM PART BEFORE THE ***** THINGIE. should be the first section. i think. my laptop is totally fucked. so you should read that second part first. i think.

First of all, I have to apologize to Trig for the long ass Title. He hates that I do this. He made clear that it’s not endearing. He also…


i got myself and my increasingly fat ass and my sweet and smart senior service dog out of the house for the first time in 2 weeks! animal pics! Part One.

Posted on March 16, 2017 at 11:30pm 3 Comments

Okay, well, this is so very cool. I went out and about tonight for the first time in 2 weeks!!! leaving only to get my mail and to go downstairs and pick up delivery food. This is, I know, Incomprehensible for/to/not sure Regular Normal People. But, shit I don’t understand it so I can’t expect anyone else to fathom it either. (and, yes, this began after a hysterectomy and I got manic and I couldn’t shut up and I was shunned and I was the pariah of my neighborhood. Yes, that is what…


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At 10:46pm on December 29, 2016, Rosigami said…

Wonderful! Thank you!

At 2:01pm on July 7, 2015, Heidi Banerjee said…

Hi Theodora, do you know the meaning of your name? It is very special,and very much of a Christian name, like Dorothea. basically the same meaning.

It feels good to be connected, as you remind me of my very best friend.

If you go to my blogs you will find several posts on Judaism in Germany, and in Freiburg where I live. My friend lives here too, but her mom, the holocaust survivor, lives in Frankfurt.

At 7:07pm on March 18, 2015, Poor Woman said…

hi there! how are things with you today?

I will check back tomorrow.

You can PM me if you wish.

Peace to you

At 6:16pm on December 31, 2014, Poor Woman said…

You are sweet.


At 7:02pm on December 29, 2014, Poor Woman said…

Oh. And it is also possible to post the actual video itself within a comment, and not just links. Hope that clears up our every miscommunication. I hope you have a nice night. And I mean that.


At 7:00pm on December 29, 2014, Poor Woman said…

Theodora: i left every single comment of yours except the one i had thought you wanted me to use as a springboard to putting up the video it linked me to. I added the video to my post, as per your request. if a guest can see the whole video without heading offsite, then why keep the link up? I did this elsewhere, only I don't think you had a chance to see me do it. it is not intended to hurt. It is, in fact, a part of the problem, that I had to tend to two places at the same time, while also maintaining chat contact with 4 different people.

So I hope that we can be at peace once more.

Honest. I even credited you in the body of the party post as having turned me on to your chosen video.

Peace to you




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