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Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Shame
""we don't want to even consider how we ended up in this fucking trumpian mess. " but, but, but we do know.  78,900 voters in three states (PA, MI, WI) put the carrot top czar on his throne.  78,900 deplorables. …"
Foolish Monkey commented on Robert Young's blog post Shame
"I don't disagree with the collective fantasy of going back to a "simpler time" - a backbreaking, depressing time of not much of anything, children dying, women expected to produce more of them otherwise who is going to work those 40…"
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Shame
"well.  not that I disagree, but only that the situation appears to me much simpler.  primitive, even.  the radical right have a mind-image of 19th century USoA as the Garden of Eden, and they want those times back.  a man, a…"
Foolish Monkey commented on Robert Young's blog post Shame
"I think what's happening is congress isn't following the "deplorables" so much as creating them.   I'm not suggesting there aren't horrible, crazy sociopaths, but that has ALWAYS been the case. …"
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"Bain was run by Romney, the adult Republican.  whether he was involved with Toys, I haven't dug up."
koshersalaami commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"Bain Capital? If that’s real information, that explains a lot. They buy companies, load them up with debt they already have, then sell off divisions. "
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"and here's, so far as I know, where he got that: As mass production has to be accompanied by mass consumption; mass consumption, in turn, implies a distribution of wealth -- not of existing wealth, but of wealth as it is currently produced --…"
Mar 14
Ron Powell commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"The way you save places like Toys R Us is to do what Koshersalaami has been preaching: Give the average workerr enough cash to buy the stuff that they sell... "It seems to me to be equally plain that no business which depends for existence on…"
Mar 14
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"kind of, point taken.  but he does care about the scarlet states to the extent that he can't govern, for some definition of govern, or get re-elected, assuming an impeached and removed person can run for president, without them.  his…"
Mar 14
Foolish Monkey commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"if you think he cares about the red states, then he has you fooled.  he doesn't give a shit about them either.  all he cares about is watching himself on tv, listening to people speak his name a million times a day and money money…"
Mar 14
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"but he is... so far as he's concerned the only **real** USofA is in the most scarlet of states.  those states are stuck in the 19th century mentality, and "left behind" just because those citizens elect fascists who keep them…"
Mar 14
Foolish Monkey commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"that takes juice!  he can't be wasting his energy on stupid things like issues the country he leads really cares about - for example  the unemployment of tens of thousands.  no one told him being president is HARD,…"
Mar 14
Robert Young commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"well, it's clear that his intention is to degrade the prosperous Blue States into antebellum Red States as fast as he can."
Mar 14
Foolish Monkey commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"the king douche has too much to think about now.   like walls.  right now, he needs to build a big giant beautiful wall.  that takes a lot of thought and even more energy. although he is very very high energy, his day to day tv…"
Mar 14
J.P. Hart liked Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
Mar 14
J.P. Hart commented on Robert Young's blog post Jobs R Us
"Existentialism, Accordions, Pi }or{ Hindsight is 20/20 Here's a 4YO stat...Let's see: 64(33)=slow parade of attrition! How much is Toys R Us worth? Toys "R" Us Type Private Products Toys Clothing Baby products Revenue US$12.4…"
Mar 14

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It's the distribution, stupid

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Posted on March 16, 2018 at 6:00am 4 Comments

There are times when one couldn't say it better (scroll to 3:11 PM - 14 Mar 2018):

17 people die in a high school and a month later there's a nationwide protest to get the attention of lawmakers. One dog dies on an airplane and there's a bill in the Senate rectifying it within 48 hours.

As pointed out here many times, this is of a piece with HRC's "deplorables" and 'the states I won are 65% of GDP', IOW, the left behind…


Jobs R Us

Posted on March 14, 2018 at 5:30am 12 Comments

Here's the headline: "Toys "R" Us liquidation could cost tens of thousands of jobs"

Toys "R" Us is expected to start court proceedings to liquidate as soon as Thursday. That's a first legal step in moving to close all of its 850 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. -- and to lay off up to 33,000 workers.

So, let's see if Orange Julius Caesar thinks they're…


Yes Ore No

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 6:00pm 5 Comments

To paraphrase Orange Julius Caesar, "if you don't have iron ore and bauxite, you don't have steel or aluminum". And, one might add, to turn bauxite into aluminum eats prodigious amounts of electricity.

CSIRO calculate that the embodied energy (all the energy used to make the material) for aluminium is 211 GJ per tonne, compared to 22.7 GJ per tonne for steel.

Not for nothing, our economy…


We Don't Need No Education

Posted on March 3, 2018 at 12:08pm 2 Comments

The West Virginia teachers remain on strike. About time that someone in the Empty States takes a stand. From the beginning of these endeavors, it's been asserted that there's a reason they have been "left behind", and it hasn't been a conspiracy among the elite Eastern intellectuals and nattering nabobs of negativism. It has been the Right Wingnuts elected by the residents of the Empty States who treat said residents as indentured servants. And those folks accept the situation…


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