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Lois Wickstrom commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Why don’t I pay my children for their grades?
"Good point Terry -- parents are role models for their children."
Terry McKenna commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Why don’t I pay my children for their grades?
"Good piece.  My parents simply gave us money if we needed it, no allowance, no tie to chores.  But.. we did have jobs (grass mowing, garbage, leaves house painting).  But may parents also always read books, biographies and such, so we…"
Ron Powell commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Why don’t I pay my children for their grades?
"Would it were that more parents though as you (and I ) do... Very nice piece...."
Lois Wickstrom commented on Rosigami's blog post Soon, Pink Snow
"Now you can look at your lovely tree all year long."
Apr 14
Lois Wickstrom liked Rosigami's blog post Soon, Pink Snow
Apr 14
tr ig liked Lois Wickstrom's blog post Saving 56 Cents
Apr 11
Lois Wickstrom commented on Foolish Monkey's blog post memories in green
"In Philly every block has a bar or two or three. Most blocks also have a church. And a barber shop."
Apr 11
Lois Wickstrom commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post It Could Be Worse. Could Be Raining.
"FDR also made home ownership possible for most people. He provided relief for unemployed people. He gave his more liberal wife a platform from which to speak.  He made two huge errors, and did much good. Truman integrated the military. He…"
Apr 11
Foolish Monkey commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Saving 56 Cents
"we've gone to hell in a handbasket, or more accurately a checkout basket. I shop on amazon.  i'm sure I support slave labor and drones and other modern age horrors.  the problem is I don't care anymore.  we have an…"
Apr 11
JMac1949 Today commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Saving 56 Cents
"This is why I never use coupons.  R&L"
Apr 11
Jonathan Wolfman commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Saving 56 Cents
":)  :("
Apr 11
Lois Wickstrom commented on koshersalaami's blog post So, Dear, did you get yourself to school this morning?
"We have snow. I have the day free to write -- aside from the clients who do teamviewer."
Mar 14
koshersalaami commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Airport Passenger Safety
"Great line.  If you're traveling, they may not be able to force you to give them password. They can, however, force your thumbprint, so you might want to shut that function before you travel.  Rob Wittmann recently wrote a post that…"
Mar 14
older/exasperated commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Airport Passenger Safety
"Buy your own jet works for me. Except the time my jet was in Florida for inspection and my wife and I had to fly commercial from the Cayman's to Florida (I partially own the airline) but we went through customs and they asked my wife if she had…"
Mar 14
Lois Wickstrom commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Airport Passenger Safety
"Where is ACLU when we need them?"
Mar 13
JMac1949 Today commented on Lois Wickstrom's blog post Airport Passenger Safety
"... and here's the latest stupidity from Customs and Homeland Security: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone  God only knows what they may do with your laptop."
Mar 13

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scientist, writer, gardener, owned by a dog, truly married, really an alien
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Why don’t I pay my children for their grades?

Posted on September 22, 2017 at 2:30pm 3 Comments

This is a topic I should have posted about 35 years ago, when my older daughter was 14.

My daughter says the other kids get paid for their grades. She doesn’t think it’s fair that I won’t pay her for hers.

I have rules for things I pay for. I pay for services, that are of no benefit to the person performing them, but are important for my quality of life, such as paying the plumber to fix my leaky faucet. I pay for things I want and need, like groceries or new shoes. I pay for…


Saving 56 Cents

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 9:52am 3 Comments

CVS was having a 30% off sale on CVS brand items.

I decided to stock up on some items I use often.

I bought some pantiliners. Regular price is $5.49

Sale price $3.84

I bought two of them.

The store charged me: $8.24

The invoice had a phone number to call with questions.

I called. My question didn’t fit into any of their categories, so I tried Human, Agent, Representative. Eventually, I got a human.

The woman who answered the phone didn’t understand…


Airport Passenger Safety

Posted on March 13, 2017 at 8:28am 15 Comments

My latest idea for airport safety: All TSA agents should carry photo-ID business cards. Before an agent pats anyone down, the agent should give the future pattee a copy of the card, and make sure that the future pattee sees that the photo matches the agent. After the pat-down, the agent should give an evaluation form to the pattee, which the pattee can fill out and place into a locked box that the agent cannot unlock. This should minimize the groping!

Russian Interference in US

Posted on March 4, 2017 at 9:36am 21 Comments

Considering that politicians tend to propose bills that punish their own sins, is it likely that Joseph McCarthy was in with the Russians? Have they been messing with US Politics for far longer than we have suspected? Have they really supported the Republicans and misled us all by smearing the Democratic party as Commie sympathizers? After all, the So-called Communists never practiced Communism. They gave the best stuff to themselves and impoverished everybody else. Reminds me of the…


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At 6:57pm on November 27, 2015, Rodney Roe said…

I referenced your piece on "idiomatic insults" in a piece today.  I hope I got it right.

At 10:11am on March 28, 2015, Jerry DeNuccio said…

Lois:  Got  new computer which I'm accustoming myself to.  New email, too. Tried to access Our and wasn't recognized, so I set up a new Our account and haven't yet uploaded a picture.  I'll be using the old computer (which the University owns) until June when I fully retire from teaching and have to give it back.


At 12:48pm on March 2, 2013, JMac1949 Memories said…

Lois, just wanted to thank you for dropping by and commenting on my post 1969- Meeting with My Draft Board... Just invited you as a friend.

At 1:35am on January 5, 2013, lorianne said…


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