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Kim Gamble

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Fibonacci's Parrot

Posted on March 23, 2015 at 2:25am 13 Comments


Years ago, after reading a book by John Bleibtreu*, I became interested in the Fibonacci sequences.

Peter Stevens' Patterns in Nature spurred me along.

A friend in Chicago was on the same trail.

Together but independently we looked at Klein bottles, Kimberley fishtraps, water running out…


Live like a mighty river. Ted Hughes to his son, Nicholas.

Posted on December 12, 2012 at 4:00pm 34 Comments

Nicholas, don't you know about people this first and most crucial fact: every single one is, and is painfully every moment aware of it, still a child. To get beyond the age of about eight is not permitted to this primate—except in a very special way, which I'll try to…

Midnight Oil

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 3:00am 38 Comments

Friend Rob on drums.

Current Minister for Education, Australia on vocals.

The Fig is a Very Secretive Fruit ( Fruit Yoga )

Posted on September 16, 2012 at 10:00am 22 Comments


But I…


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anna1liese commented on Kim Gamble's blog post The Fig is a Very Secretive Fruit ( Fruit Yoga )
"So wish ... dear Art ... that Kim ... could answer us still ... So ... wish ..."
Oct 25, 2017
Arthur James commented on Kim Gamble's blog post The Fig is a Very Secretive Fruit ( Fruit Yoga )
"` I just got here... IU saw anna1liese on the feed. ` first day... unloose wonder after three hours if he will make eye contact? `"
Oct 24, 2017

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Dad, children's books, gardens, ocean, bandicoots.

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At 4:35pm on July 1, 2015, Rita Shibr said…

for now, isn't it, chuckle KG please correct me once again..

At 4:25pm on July 1, 2015, Rita Shibr said…

Dear Kim,

I know you won't be reading this,  but it's a flare out into the darkness I guess,  across the oceans and flying past Coates street and the attic, there is a clear strong voice reading Billy Collins and Nina Simone is playing to the sound of the waves. I am skimming by Manly Road and your little back painting cottage your Dad's serviette and my little clock keeping time. My heart is flying over the the pond and your little boat, you and Greersy are rowing along, and above the rooftop patio, you are wrapped in a multicolored quilt you bought at the market. I hear the tinkling of glasses and wind chimes.  Check out google earth again, maybe they left the porch at Coates with my mom's bike and see if there is an old Saab in the driveway at Nottingham.  I will follow the red road into Barraba, straight back to the little triangle peaked roof I can see a fire blazing there,  I know your heart it there too,  I will join you when it's time, look ahead and meet me at the end of the road, it's dark and I won't know my way.  Tonight I will tell all this to the stars once again and strain in the darkness to hear your voice or see a sign of you. For know this will have to do my dear dear friend. 

At 9:51am on February 11, 2014, Michelle Fergenson said…

Hi Hi!!!! I finally made it over here from Opensalon!

At 11:05pm on March 20, 2013, Anna Herrington said…

Yike that's a big photo.

Grizzly Peak.

*I* didn't steal the car  : )   and yes, she was driven off a cliff down in Yreka! The hoodlum.

C'est la vie.

I've always wanted to see the mist on Gonoo catch that shot, won't you?

At 10:40pm on March 20, 2013, Anna Herrington said…

Got your note -- comment delay due to technical issues



At 10:37pm on March 20, 2013, Anna Herrington said…

Loved seeing your view out back....trails?

spreading out the comments, see...hate to hog comments in just one place...   

Actually just wanted to share photo -- tough going Over There for that.

Night  : )

At 10:33pm on March 20, 2013, Anna Herrington said…

Not the best shot of mists here, but I love the down drafts that make the mists seem to slide over the crest....Grizzly Peak. No more grizzlies around here, but the name stuck when some pioneer bagged one.

This taken while barreling down the highway, not much attention to the sharp focus....yes, I scare people doing this...

At 2:50am on December 31, 2012, Phyllis said…

Happy New Year! I hope you are having a lovely celebration. I just looked at my clever phone and it tells me it's almost 9 pm in your corner of the world. I hope your new year is blessed.

At 9:07pm on December 30, 2012, Anna Herrington said…

Happy New Year, Mr Gamble!!!!!!

(how does one type the sound of horns tooting, I ask???)

Hope you have an excellent year in 2013   : )

At 2:33pm on December 24, 2012, Phyllis said…

Merry Christmas, Mr. Gamble. I hope you're having a lovely day.



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