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Julie Johnson commented on Julie Johnson's blog post Just for the fun of it...
Julie Johnson commented on Julie Johnson's blog post Just for the fun of it...
"Hey Anna!  (and, anybody else) I've been reading some, but ...I just don't know.  Seems my words have pretty much dried up for awhile, and I do blame the face book, partially.  Before that, it was the my space so I guess I…"
Apr 8
Julie Johnson commented on nanatehay's blog post Schrodinger's Cat
"These are great ^^^ the pictures, and the stories..."
Apr 4
Anna Herrington liked Julie Johnson's blog post Just for the fun of it...
Apr 1
Anna Herrington commented on Julie Johnson's blog post Just for the fun of it...
"Hey Julie -- I am here, looking for your seal skin coat post, deciding I finally had the stomach to read about skinned seals and humans wearing them.... and I missed it. But did find your comment above - wow! not sure what half of it's about,…"
Apr 1
Julie Johnson commented on Rosigami's blog post Lookin’ Out My Back Door (a new painting, with apologies to CCR)
"How funny!  I hadn't seen this page of comments, and that was the first thing I typed, how 3 dimensional it looks, like icing on a cake.  I really really like it!  And, that is my favorite CCR song.   So glad you're…"
Mar 12
Julie Johnson commented on koshersalaami's blog post A lesson about establishing closeness and a subsequent story
"Oh...koshersalaami, you write about this so well.  Not sure if that's a 'good' thing, or a 'bad' thing, but to able to write so clearly is a gift.  Around my neck of the woods, what has happened to so many people,…"
Mar 11
Julie Johnson commented on Foolish Monkey's blog post ALL THE KING'S MEN - the trump playbook
"One more for the ladies!  Good reads on the thread, no pictures.  I appreciate that.  I think, I started that book, and I know I've seen bits and pieces of something like that..."
Mar 10
Julie Johnson commented on Stephen Brassawe's blog post The Last of the Great Roadhouses
"^^^ Ain't it the truth?  "
Mar 9
Julie Johnson commented on tr ig's blog post razor shadow vagina
"To keep readers away?  I thought that was to get them in here..."
Mar 8
Julie Johnson commented on tr ig's blog post Fish and Eagle
"I tried. I got way off track.  I'm thinking I might go back to it, though.  My oldest daughter was over tonight, visiting.  We were trying to change the subject from all these tragedies we've been having lately, so I brought…"
Mar 8
greenheron commented on Julie Johnson's blog post The seal skin coat, and ghosts...
"Looking forward to next bit. btw, we might have been fashion friends. I used to wear tights to school with a baggy man's sweater that just covered my bum. I thought it looked like a miniskirt which I was not allowed to wear. I'd put a pair…"
Mar 8
Julie Johnson commented on tr ig's blog post Fish and Eagle
Mar 7
Julie Johnson commented on tr ig's blog post Fish and Eagle
"That girlfriend I wrote about on the hottest day, she had a knack for finding treasures in thrift stores.  She bought a full length, solid black , seal skin cape I think from Russia, for $15 !  Now, I know people are against furs and…"
Mar 6
Julie Johnson commented on tr ig's blog post Fish and Eagle
"On boats and fishing and sons and daughters..., and being friends with our spouses.  If I've never said so before, I really enjoy your posts tr ig.  The videos too.  The comments are the best, bringing out the history and the…"
Mar 5
Julie Johnson commented on nerd cred's blog post So there
"You got me! "
Mar 5

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Long time reader, not so much a writer.

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Just for the fun of it...

Posted on February 25, 2017 at 4:19am 23 Comments

This is an old, old, old photo shopped picture.  But, I like it and I don't think I've posted it for awhile. 

Makes me think of you all, out there. …


The pivot point of the 'memoirs'...

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 5:30am 206 Comments

{Image removed}

Is happening, right now.  Has been decided, but I just don't know.  There's the elections, the protesting going on where I grew up, and then my oldest son. 

I've typed and deleted, and typed and deleted, typed and deleted every morning now, for the last 4 months.  Here, there, everywhere.  It's out there.  An hour every morning, to where I almost feel like I could do this as a 'job'. It's damn sure not 'art'. 


Here it…


Small agitated murky pond

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 6:00am 28 Comments

I actually have one of those in my back yard.  A small agitated murky pond.  This will be it's 5th winter coming up.  A 7200 gallon above ground pool, that the chlorine evaporated out of and we threw some cat fish and bass fish in. …


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At 2:35am on June 26, 2015, Phyllis said…


I found a letter written by Hunter S Thompson, before he became famous, on how to find your purpose. It's a brilliant letter that he wrote to a friend on his personal life philosophy and I've linked it at the end of my bog. I hope you go back to read it.

I also just realized that we haven't friended here so I sent you a request.


At 7:03am on June 17, 2015, Anna Herrington said…

...my (adorable) dog dying, I mean.

At 7:02am on June 17, 2015, Anna Herrington said…

Thank you, Julie.

It sucks.

At 7:48am on June 14, 2015, nerd cred said…
I thought I I'd already friended you! If nothing else your avatar is So Me.
At 8:17am on March 13, 2015, Rosigami said…

What an interesting avatar you have! 


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