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John Manchester commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post Stupid is as Stupid Does
"Sigh. So much stupid, so little time. Will we oldsters live to see the end of this?"
Jul 2
John Manchester commented on marilyn sands's blog post "DONALD OF A 1,000 DAYS"...or it just seems that way!
"Thanks! Speaking of beheadings, I just finished binging Game of Thrones. Westeros feels a little too close to home."
May 2
John Manchester liked Drew-Silla's blog post Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat
Mar 31
John Manchester commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post Where is Aaron Sorkin when We Need Him?
"Alan - Yow! I am by nature conflict aversive. In all my days at Open Salon (for reference I was Luminous Muse) I never had words wit others on the subject of politics, despite strongly held beliefs. I only had a couple of minor dustups over music,…"
Mar 31
John Manchester commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post Where is Aaron Sorkin when We Need Him?
"Amen to Jonathan's comment on The Americans. Perhaps the best writing on TV today, and it's up against a lot of competition. I'm privileged to have an old friend who's a writer/producer on the show. He takes time from his busy…"
Mar 30
John Manchester commented on Stephen Brassawe's blog post Behavioral Sink
"Lovely to know that you're still alive! And still writing. As for rats, I happen to have just this morning finished Angela Carter's fabulous take on Puss-In-Boots, in which rats play a key part. (As you can imagine, it doesn't end…"
Mar 16
marilyn sands commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
"Best of luck with it all - if you can just give me a hint of the vicinity of that mountain you speak of; I'll steer clear of it!  I've enjoyed your Luminous Muse articles & I also was an open salon 5 year-to-the-bitter-end…"
Mar 15
Boanerges liked John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
Mar 15
Boanerges commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
"I remember you from Open, Muse, and I for one would very like to see an insider's view of you and your father. I've read some of his books ("The Arms of Krupp" was especially fascinating) and it would be worth while from my…"
Mar 15
John Manchester commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
"Patience is one word for it."
Mar 15
JMac1949 Today commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
"Damn but you have patience."
Mar 15
Keith Joiner liked John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
Mar 15
Anna Herrington commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
"I must say, the journey to getting published does not sound very appealing...  but neither does climbing a mountain, until you see a spectacular view or a delicate yet hardy alpine flower ~ Good luck to you! And please know at least one reader…"
Mar 15
Anna Herrington liked John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
Mar 15
Jonathan Wolfman commented on John Manchester's blog post An Improbable Cause
Mar 15
John Manchester commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post PoB - Dicovery: More Context Still
"Good luck! A good editor you can hire (if you have the scratch.) A publisher...I'm stacking up rejections about one a week."
Jan 24

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Retired from composing and learning to write. Ten thousand hours at it and counting.
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An Improbable Cause

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 8:56am 6 Comments

Thirteen months ago I wrote about finding my new agent, extending my metaphor of storming the fortress of the publishing business. A new year, and time for a new metaphor : climbing a mountain.

I first gazed up at the summit thirteen years ago. It looked close. I was writing a memoir about my father and the 1960’s. Memoirs…


When Life Imitates Art

Posted on February 17, 2016 at 8:44am 3 Comments

When I began blogging I vowed to only write about politics on the rare occasions that I had something personal to contribute. This is one of those times.

ACT I: Plum Pit Throat 

 I just finished a new draft of book one of my series  and sent it to my new agent. Just as I embarked on my re-write I…


Inside the Castle

Posted on February 4, 2016 at 11:00am 5 Comments

Note: The good news recounted below would not have happened without the support and encouragement of my many friends from Open Salon and here at Our Salon. Thanks, guys!

Late fall I recounted my quest for a new literary agent. I likened it to storming the dark castle of the publishing business, armed with only a query letter. What I sought was an “Offer of Representation” – a writer’s ticket…


Demon Stagefright and the Rock-and-Roll Devil

Posted on November 20, 2015 at 10:59am 9 Comments

“See the man with stagefright, just standing up there to give it all his might.” –Robbie Robertson

I wrote in my last post  about being an introverted artist who must periodically emerge from under my rock to peddle my wares. Am I’m doing it. Not only querying literary agents , but going on TV! The Kennedy…


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