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greenheron commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Thinking of you all yesterday. I want to say hope the wake went well, but that's not quite right, because everyone wishes that there was no need for a wake.  Grief has so many phases. I never know what I'm going to get one day to the…"
Jul 23, 2017
Rita Shibr commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"What a beautiful letter from your daughter, and how prophetic the note from Julie up there via Trig. I still am in shock he's gone as I know you are too. I am proud of you for your composure and bravery in all this. I am hoping the service was…"
Jul 22, 2017
Foolish Monkey commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"steve wasn't a saint, but he got it right.  he was a good man.  I spent a good part of last night - couldn't sleep - reading his blog.   jenny, you guys were in love.  I love that - that you found each other a little…"
Jul 22, 2017
Julie Johnson commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Jenny, I found another one for you.  Comment by tr ig on April 30, 2016 at 8:18am Great slice of life piece, much enjoyed. I used to look forward to the day when I knew all the stuff the grownups knew. Then grew up and realized that…"
Jul 22, 2017
koshersalaami commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"I can see why you did You have a perceptive daughter"
Jul 22, 2017
Jenny commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"This from my daughter. She won't be able to attend the memorial, as she lives 600+ miles away, and she complained that it was too short and couldn't figure out how to expand the thought. But its perfect... I'd managed to stay dry eyed…"
Jul 22, 2017
Jenny commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Thank you all. I did print off several blogs and excerpts from this thread, I printed them into booklets with a cover sheet. I think it will be a house full tomorrow and of course the forecast is HOT AS HELL. So! It will be an intimate event since…"
Jul 21, 2017
Julie Johnson commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"It really was a good conversation on that thread, reading all the reality ties and hearing the voices.  Was so looking forward to reading more.  "
Jul 21, 2017
greenheron commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Anna that was a lovely conversation on your blog that day. One to remember. Jenny, I might not be online tomorrow, and wanted to send thoughts and love tonite. Seems like tomorrow the map will be dotted with us sending you packets of it.  Big…"
Jul 21, 2017
Anna Herrington commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Oh Jenny, that video you put up yesterday I'm just seeing. Oh man.... damn it, Steve, we need you back. I don't know what to offer for tr ig-isms other than the comment I put up on nan's "Good bye Brother" about when we met…"
Jul 21, 2017
Foolish Monkey commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Thinking of you today. I know this is a tough week.  Sending positive energy and all the love I can your way. "
Jul 21, 2017
koshersalaami commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"I knew what song it was from the chords before he started singing, and there's only two chords (repeated)."
Jul 19, 2017
greenheron commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Excuse me that I laughed a little at Steve singing “I am an old woman”, with his stubble, straw hat and sunglasses, the picture of testosterone. It must have been awful, finding him. I can’t even imagine. You'll do this. You…"
Jul 19, 2017
koshersalaami commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"I wish I knew what to tell you. Your pain leaps off the page. The memorial will give you something to do for Steve. That's a good thing. Don't obsess over what you miss - no one with a quarter of a brain will expect you to get everything…"
Jul 19, 2017
JMac1949 Today commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"Jenny, all my best to you and yours as you celebrate the life and passage of your beloved.  Here's another John Prine song that I think he might have enjoyed:"
Jul 19, 2017
Jenny commented on Jenny's blog post tr ig-isms
"The above is another video I found of him. Today a friend stopped by and helped me start putting together a scrapbook, so that and I keep listening to him sing. I love to hear his voice and see him animated. Sometimes I shock myself with that image…"
Jul 19, 2017

Jenny's Blog

tr ig-isms

Posted on July 15, 2017 at 1:57pm 46 Comments

One week from today is the memorial for Steve. My hope/plan is this be a celebration of his life. The theme is "Jazz Funeral" ish, or as ish as I can make it. It will be here at the house trig (re)built.

I would LOVE to know your favorite tr ig saying, trigism, glimpse into the man known as tr ig, stories and the like that I can read aloud or at least print out. Much appreciation. 

Heinous Stink The Hounds from hell and I Finally Closed on that Townhouse

Posted on August 8, 2014 at 10:30am 4 Comments

Five am, still have an hour before my alarm but seems that's it for the sleep. Eventually I roll out of bed and walk the dog for his initial gotta pee and poop stroll down the street. Duties done, we return home. Dog gets fed and dog walker drinks her morning H2O.

I get started on the next step. Make the coffee. Coffee Coffee Coffee. Still the offending odor somewhere in the vicinity just right of the stove, the offending odor that caused Trig to pull the stove away from the wall…


Extreme Mother Daughter Bonding, 'cause that's how we roll!

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 11:24am 7 Comments

From Wikipedia: "The Manitou Springs Incline, also known as the Manitou Incline or simply the Incline, is a popular hiking trail rising aboveManitou Springs, Colorado, near …


Meeting Roy

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 9:15pm 12 Comments

Last Saturday I met a big sorrel horse named Roy. "Roy" is apparently a temporary name, his owner says he hasn't officially named him yet,  but Roy does seem to fit him.  He's a Belgian/TB mix.  And if your not familiar, the Belgian is a huge draft horse.  Roy is built like a small Belgian at 16 hands and probably 1400 lbs. He's a big boy.…


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At 10:53am on July 14, 2017, Foolish Monkey said…

Asia, I had no idea you were a member here.   I think the Asia/Jenny thing confused me.  I honestly don't try to keep track of everyone's offline lives other than what I an catch as I read them.

I'm kind of erratic on here - in obsessive spurts, because if I would have put the Asia/Jenny thing together, I would have sent a note to you.  

I don't have to tell you Steve was a great guy, I didn't know him in real life - only through his words and some weird online stuff we did (silly blogging insurrections and whatnots) but his stellar character was always visible (mostly) - as was his love for you.

I have to tell you I had hoped he'd find someone not just to love but a woman who was worthy.  and he did just that - you made him happy.  you rounded and smoothed his life and regardless of how long you had him, you were GREAT for him and with him. I'm sorry it ended so fucking soon.  Too soon.  shit. 

I just wanted to say this to you.  The friend thing is so I could say it privately.  I didn't want to make a big blog deal out of sending you a note.  

I will say one last thing I probably don't have to say because you know it but I'll say it anyway.  he was much loved by so many and rightly so.  if there was a human worthy of this - it was him.  he gave a lot.

my heart to you.  there's nothing much more I can do.  I wish there was SOMEthing, but sadly there never is.  life is what it is.


At 5:50pm on December 24, 2012, Anna Herrington said…

Dear Asia,

Merry Christmas!!  I hope you and tr ig have a great day for your first holiday together in your new home...

xo  Anna   : )

At 7:21pm on December 1, 2012, fernsy said…

Really love the photos. You are making great use of this platform. Impressive. Back I go to look at more of your pictures.

At 12:06pm on July 1, 2012, tr ig said…

I will be your friend

At 8:32am on June 30, 2012, Jenny said…
And does this appear only to me??  Lol


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