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nanatehay commented on Julie Johnson's blog post Just for the fun of it...
"I don't know about innocent, per se. Unaware might be a better word. "
16 hours ago
Julie Johnson commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"I like the story threads.  You all have some good ones.  I hadn't been by for awhile.  It's not you all, it's me.   Suicide is a tough topic (understatement)  Especially, if you know people that have done it,…"
18 hours ago
tr ig commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"El Camino, with the Hmung family. "
19 hours ago
Foolish Monkey commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"trig, my baby brother (the one on the cocktail), we laugh a lot about our lives.  he's 13 years younger than I, his birth sent my mother's hormones around the bend and she suffered the worst bout of postpartum depression imaginable.…"
Foolish Monkey commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"oh yes.  the papers are downstairs in my momentos monster crate that I can't go into now.  I'm just not up to it.  he took a gun to his head - twice.  crazy.  except with him, not.  totally within…"
koshersalaami commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"I share the in my forties ADHD diagnosis with you. I knew there were things I had trouble with but I assumed they were identity issues rather than anything that could be diagnosed. Answered a lot of questions and sure wish I'd known that…"
nanatehay commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"Depression... it is not a thing or a state of mind. It is a word we use to describe a mental condition which can be moderate or severe, situational or biochemical, associated with other mental problems or standing alone by its…"
nanatehay commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"But... Foolish Monkey - twice? Holy fucking shit."
nanatehay commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"And, hey, Rita? Welcome back from Greece! Looking forward to a photo and pome essay about it real soon. Unless of course you ain't fully returned to the States yet because you're still dawdling in Barcelona or Bruges or somewhere, in which…"
nanatehay commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"@tr ig - I realize that the word severe, as in "I will fucking severe your fucking windpipe, motherfucker" is the post-participle preplural tense of sever when your ex wife was pissed off, but wasn't that movie called Gran…"
nanatehay commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"Suicide... I won't claim to know whether it's self murder, as a literal interpretation from the Latin implies, or a treatment/release for a condition so horrific that it can't be born any longer. Nor will I presume to judge someone…"
nanatehay liked JMac1949 Today's blog post A Cynical Question for a Thursday.
tr ig commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"Rita hi. Well said. His voice and presence was/were huge at the concert. 52 years old, could have been 32 as good as he looked, sang, played guitar, when he did. I'm very sure everyone at that show was inspired by his .. well,…"
Rita Shibr commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"I loved Chris Cornell's voice, lyrics and his thoughtful interviews.  My son and I are only 19 years apart and in his teens I was in my thirties, the grunge era was popular.  I loved the music as much as he did, well almost.  He…"
tr ig commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"Poor Vicky and young kids of Cornell. Damn that's beautiful but oh so sad."
tr ig commented on nanatehay's blog post RIP
"aka that was severe-ing your juggler. Where did you get slitting? Sheez. Yes, sure, I did mean the opening scenes get off of my lawn Clint in El Camino, but do remember his redemption in that spacfuckingtakular movie.  Due to this…"

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At 5:39pm on February 6, 2017, nerd cred said…

This is in response to your comment to me on kosh's comments.

I think my question was either whether you considered yourself and anti-semite or if the "original commenter" was, or her statement. I deleted it only for the reason I said - to leave it to kosh. Just as I'm not going to plaster this all over his comment section. That's serious and this is petty.

That last sentence of yours above - 1) in general shit stirring isn't all bad though how what I did is that I can't imagine. (It's ok, I don't need to know.) 2) Your statement to me - plenty shit stirring itself.

I'll never mind #3 - that would be some serious shit stirring and I don't think I care. I'll keep my eyes open.

#4 - were you trying to patronize me? See how that doesn't work? I can't even identify it clearly.

At 7:49am on January 7, 2017, Boanerges said…

Great to see you here, Nana. Now start posting, dammit.

At 7:57pm on January 5, 2017, Foolish Monkey said…

my pleasure!

At 10:25pm on January 14, 2013, Sirenita Lake said…

You are one noble-looking mofo. That's a good avi. 

At 6:31pm on January 14, 2013, Rita Shibr said…

yo. it's about damn time. 

At 1:25am on January 14, 2013, lorianne said…

welcome back!

i missed you!

now stay put!

Nanatehay's Blog


Posted on May 22, 2017 at 12:30am 77 Comments

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Chris Cornell's death. He was 52 when he decided to cash out, roughly 2 months younger than I am. Sometimes when I attempt to put myself in the mind of a person like Cornell right before he hung himself, or Kurt just before he pulled the trigger, or any one of the millions of anonymous people out there who chose to stop living rather than face that darkness any longer, I can, almost, understand what they were thinking in those last few minutes or seconds.… Continue

A Drive In The Country

Posted on April 29, 2017 at 12:00am 72 Comments

Matilda went for a drive in the country…



Posted on April 16, 2017 at 1:30am 76 Comments

Every day is Easter here at the Oaktown Egg Ranch.  Four hens of four different varieties = four eggs, each one a different color, nearly every single day.  Apparently having a stronger sense of aesthetics than you might…


Some Photography

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 4:00am 17 Comments

I was going to preface this with something witty or at least interesting, but as usual it's now too late in the day and I'm too tired to be witty or interesting, so I'll just admit here that one of the reasons I (re)joined Our Salon was so I'd have some…


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