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Welcome, Harp

New Comments

Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A True Lover of Fine Art
"` I searched deceased ` still presente  ` James Mark Emmerling this naked butt ( Nice ) popped up. Nice Behinds. `cc` gads I go browse old post and research stuff. `cc` thanks `;` pause ` hush? no speak? ` Speak  says  Bard. `cc`"
Jul 15, 2016
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post Chased By The Light
"` I saw the OUR Saloon is quiet. Frank & Earnest - Who thats? TOM THAVES - That is Who. ` Sait Pedro loses ` Pearly Gate Keys. Keys often act` BROKE. There is a YOU-TUB ` VIDEO. IT'S A PRANK To THINK YOU NEEDS TO KNOW A SECRET HANDSHAKE T -…"
Sep 24, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post I, Drogun
"` I was just talking to a nice Inn Janitor. I visit Sleep Inn & the Sweet People. I use ` wifi ' I ni fear the 3rd floor elevator  ride. I slept here for one year. No folk kick in groin in elevator."
Sep 3, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A True Lover of Fine Art
"` I saw atop ` keico al;varez. I can sleep better after view. O help have pleasant dream"
Aug 27, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post I, Drogun
Aug 16, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post I, Drogun
"` Have good day... I saw at last angel post. It good to view white clouds."
Aug 15, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A True Lover of Fine Art
Aug 2, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post I Know the Beast Who'll Take Me
"` Nice nap day, and take cat bath, and  beast nasty."
Jul 22, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A True Lover of Fine Art
"` Speak of the _evil- ` D ' I give a ` A ' for nice _ss ' I swear fannies so ` _ute ' ` as in ` C ' For so ` Cute ' I saw this at ` Myriad. She sit fanny on ` Chair ' And may like ` Shaker ' Style? Chippendale…"
Jul 17, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post The Little Black Dress
"` Perfect... I was worried She's kick in the groin when I was at the loco nice Sleep Inn & Sweet's Elevator. Now I fear alligators come forth from the Conogocheek. ( spelling bad )"
Jul 8, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A True Lover of Fine Art
"` SQUARE LEFT. GREAT. I GOTTA Pick Blueberries. This was ATOP Jon Wolfman's  *SIP* Goat Milk Post. Let's HOPE Goat No `SNIP. GOSH... Later... Good Saturday. James Marl Emmerling getting teeth Fixed? He needs Blue Teeth for Radio…"
Jul 5, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post Valley Boys
"` now what? go out and play... play in street? pretend it another Hollow ween... I'll share with kids? not goats, Children. ` I go read @ Closed? No otter one let me in to play. I left a Creek 'wifi' because it broke after i did…"
Jul 5, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post A Fighter's Stance
"` Harp. Soon, as usual, the wifi will slow down. Open Salon will not ` Open ' and you sense a Proctologist is on a ` Staff '  and you sense a Betrayal. We/you go ` Moon '  and you sense a Truth. WE know a…"
Jul 3, 2014
Arthur James commented on Harp's blog post Read Me A Story
"` You teach, and convert hard times into creativity. I never read many books. I reread a few classics. You ever review ` Wilbur the Talking TV Horse? Hoa, a horse with ` Tickle in Throat is ` Kermit. Loss... Lost blogs` Lost Loves. Lost No`…"
Jun 28, 2014
Harp commented on Harp's blog post Father’s Day
"Arthur... IHOP is not for me.  They seem to be big on the High Fructose Corn Syrup to a greater degree than Denny's.   Vigilant."
Jun 16, 2014
Harp commented on Harp's blog post Father’s Day
"Thanks Jerry.   It feels really good to be here in the Salon again.  It's been a very long time. "
Jun 16, 2014

Profile Information

In no particular order, instructor, designer, father, neighbor, husband, brother, son, narrator, driver, story-teller, friend, author, coach, democrat, executive, home-owner, role model, artist, reader, gamer, listener, and once again a member. I am also almost always the observer, the contributor and frequently the mainstay... but very rarely the catalyst. (My children tell me that I have mellowed in my old age.) In my heart, I am also a writer.

Harp's Blog

Father’s Day

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 10:13pm 4 Comments

Denny’s serves a breakfast hotplate that I really like, so I found my way there today while the Caregiver did her amazing Thrift Shopping thing.  After waiting for a solid half hour to be seated, the server informed me that they were trying to “pace” the kitchen staff which apparently had several newbies attempting to keep up with the orders.   While I watched the Father’s Day crowd pile up at the front entrance, my food finally arrived almost 45 minutes later.  The pleasant surprise was…


The Life Spent Fashioning My Roar

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 11:00pm 0 Comments

Where am I?

I’ve never felt like this before. It’s an odd sensation, as if I am roaring outward and moving fast. Really fast. Roaring seems a peculiar way to describe this, because I can't hear…


Keynote Contemplations

Posted on February 21, 2013 at 7:09pm 3 Comments

I wonder why they build these airline seats so narrow these days.   That doesn’t make much sense.

I’m more relaxed than usual on this trip, which is surprising.  There is certainly a lot more riding…


Rest Area Security

Posted on February 6, 2013 at 10:07am 4 Comments

I-95 Northbound, So. Brevard County, Mile Post 169,

5 Miles South of Palm Bay

There was a time when…


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At 5:00am on January 23, 2013, Rodney Roe said…

Glad to have a friend. 

At 4:32pm on January 9, 2013, Rosigami said…

Thank you! Very glad to be friends! 

At 1:30pm on December 8, 2012, Stephen Brassawe said…

I noted your idea of writing something based upon Abandonada in your request to be a friend, which I happily accepted by the way. When you are of a mind, you would enjoy Michel's photos taken of the place here:


Also, a Wordpress friend recently wrote a delightful little piece that she claims was inspired by some photographs of mine. I was so flattered. You can see her little story here:


Thank you for soliciting my online friendship, Harp.

At 1:51pm on November 27, 2012, Ron Powell said…
The. "Piano Man" avatar has been associated with my persona and profile in a number of places on the internet for quite some time. In fact, I just recently update my avatar on OS to reflect my current activities and status. I still use Piano Man on other platforms...Though I am flattened by your request, I must ask that you refrain from including the avatar in your post .....I will respond to your friend request after I've become better acquainted, oriented, and situated on this platform.....Thanks for the invite!
At 7:35pm on November 12, 2012, Sheila Reep said…

I sent my donation in immediately when I saw what devastation Sandy had done.  I did not see the show, but know it had to be good. 

At 7:28am on October 28, 2012, Xenonlit said…

Yay, Harp! It's so good to find my friends again!

At 2:32pm on September 24, 2012, L in the Southeast said…

Mwah!  Welcome aboard.  I just got back from Chicago, so I haven't seen your message before now.  Now I have to read your post!

At 4:52pm on September 23, 2012, Rita Shibr said…

Hi Harp welcome, hope you like this place, I really do. 


At 9:21pm on September 21, 2012, lorianne said…


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Wander around and most of all ENJOY!



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