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Foolish Monkey commented on Terry McKenna's blog post Color - A Few Ideas for Painters and Photographers
"I'm one of those artists who loads the palette - totally amateur hour.  and then I figure where to put them.  :D sometimes I show restraint.  HA I've fucked up more than one painting just becuase I wanted more color.…"
Foolish Monkey commented on Terry McKenna's blog post Color - A Few Ideas for Painters and Photographers
"terry knows his art.  he's one of the few artists I enjoy reading because he doesn't preach.  he tells you what he likes and why and what he doesn't and why.  and he's a terrific photographer on top of being a…"
Foolish Monkey commented on tr ig's blog post Livin' Lovin' Alien
"too cute, the kid was beside himself with the joy of live music.  and this is just the beginning, too.  :)"
Foolish Monkey commented on Phyllis's blog post Vole Tales part Deux- or is it Trois?
"I hope your plan works.   the video is pure fun.  medjet is a warrior.  my knuckleheads are trying to catch a rabbit but while the girl is fast, she's not quite that fast.  "
Apr 21
Foolish Monkey commented on Boanerges's blog post The Anarchist is Cooked
"in my opinion anti big government "isms" are usually spouted by people who are either dumb as stumps or absurdly short sighted and selfish.  we are a nation of 320 million, give or take and our government is and needs to be a constant…"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on mary gravitt's blog post THE RED FLAG PRESENTS: TRUMP-- THE KOCHTOPUS & TWO ANGRY JEWS
"I have to say your posts are excellent!  they take a while to get through but they're very informative.  thanks for putting them together.   the enemy at this point is us - the lazy americans who will slog through this obvious…"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on nanatehay's video

Worm Drive Skilsaw in C Minor for 17mm Tensioner Pulley Hex Nut

"that's a great video of elvis and the mumfords.  super! that slays me - the brits do our folk/soul/blues every bit as good as we do.   nana, your saw made my backteeth scream! "
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on Jonathan Wolfman's blog post Shrikes and Butcherbirds: Berkeley Undermines the Academy's Core
"it's lazy and it's a kind of pandering.  it's much easier to censor. "
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on nanatehay's blog post HAPPY ISHTAR!
"the mention of salinas in bobby mcgee, for me is incidental.  it's that entire stanza that just breaks my heart and of course, janis's stylizing.  she was nearly a master at the blues, damn her, if she would have let herself be.…"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on nanatehay's blog post HAPPY ISHTAR!
"nice.  music is holding everything together at this point.  that, and cake.   cake or death? I'll take cake no question about it.  my feeling today is being a fat fuck isn't the worst thing in the world. (said by a…"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on Michael Russnow's blog post Why Do Media Normalize Trump After Being Pushed Into Occasional Reasonable Action?
"It seems to me the media as a whole is desperate to have a normal president they can report about, so as not to appear to be in a constant state of editorializing about what a fucking lunatic he is, which is what he has proven himself to…"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on marilyn sands's blog post "KILLING O'REILLY" - A Bestseller & Just Deserts!
"HAHAHA!!   death to all of them!! ::running off:::"
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on James Hart's blog post FAST FORWARD
"you pretty much summed up cormac mccarthy's THE ROAD in two lines. "
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on JMac1949 Today's blog post Mario Savio Spins in His Grave as Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter's Speech
"The university should hire extra security.  This is absurd. "
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on Kage Alan's blog post TMI: The Star Wars Celebration Orlando Trip (Part 1)
"he would HATE that, which is why about the only convention type event we do is costco where unfortunately, there isn't a star wars aisle."
Apr 20
Foolish Monkey commented on Kage Alan's blog post TMI: The Star Wars Celebration Orlando Trip (Part 1)
"my husband is jellying."
Apr 18

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charlie murphy - gone.

Posted on April 14, 2017 at 7:30am 9 Comments

I love charlie murphy.  he was a featured comedian on the original dave chappelle show.  his prince correction...charlie murphy didn't do prince - that was chappelle, he did the charlie murphy true hollywood tales, which was crazy genius.  

unlike his brother, his persona was almost modest and the impression I had was that he was a very sweet man and I'd like to think in real…


memories in green

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 12:00pm 30 Comments

Gilmores had the superlative jukebox.  This particular box had a number of big band 33s, my favorite - Tommy Dorsey's "song of india", Artie Shaw's "in the mood",  Bobby Darin "mac the knife" , of course, classic Sinatra and Tony Bennett and for us youngsters, plenty of new music, like Question Mark and the Mysterians "96 tears". 

And even though he didn't have a dance license, there were enough cops that hung out that Pat wasn't worried about being…


my song of flatbush, st paddys, the living and the dead

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 7:00am 18 Comments

ha luckys

smoked em, luckys for the longest time

that taste of spice and pepper

like the men back then

swore em off a long time ago

you ask me why I tell ya

they’re too easy to get to wanting…


need a job? time to get your crazy on!

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 9:01am 14 Comments

trump admin has job openings!

blog up your wildest fantasies and you too can join the clown cadre.


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At 12:44pm on March 12, 2015, Anna Herrington said…


I suck at this kind of banter!!

 ...but do have a laundry door that has has 'Chantelle is a ho' written in nail polish, still there from the last owner   : )

At 9:38am on March 12, 2015, Rosigami said…

yaaaaaaaaay! Now we're friends here, too! 

At 4:07pm on July 20, 2012, lorianne said…

Welcome here!

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there are some tips on the Forum

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