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hi all, wow! a great site. in strong contrast to open salon in many ways, its well maintained and full featured. my hats off to lorianne. just to have a forum for site suggestions is a sort of breakthru compared to so-called "open salon" (alas ofc now "dead salon").

oh, also am a bit surprised that the last new suggestion thread is over 2yr old. yikes. you guys really are that happy with everything eh?

  • my suggestion is to have a suggestion box with separate suggestions that can be "liked" to track which are the most requested, and it is ranked/ ordered by how many people have liked each of the suggestions. presumably this would not be so difficult given the site already has a like feature. on other hand a poll mechanism might work also.

have a few ideas, see some of them have already been proposed & were judged difficult by "mgt" (eg comment threads not paged).

  • one cosmetic quibble, noticed that hyperlinks are barely differentiated in color from regular text (maybe not at all) in many places.

saw lorianne refer to "scripting" on this site in one place. it would be interesting to learn more about that. is there some ning documentation & eg on scripting?

my immediate big preference would be (1st an open salon feature):

  • web based "follow" mechanism rather than an email based one. one could favorite people without requiring them to friend back. one could see list of newest posts by ones favorites. one could have a private or public favorites list.
  • also a "active thread" list that is web based rather than email based. one could go to a personal web page and see what threads are active after one has commented on them or "marked" a page for following just like with the email mechanism.

presumably the 2nd would be easier to implement because the system nearly already does it with email tracking. also another open salon feature

  • it would be nice/ helpful to see hits/ like counts in the main blog list.

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