By default, your My Page automatically takes the theme and appearance settings of the network (the main page).  On Our Salon you are allowed the option to customize your personal page.

To change your theme, go to your My Page and click the “Customize My Page” link underneath your profile photo.

When you click the link, the Custom Appearance page that is just for your profile will open above your page.

In the top portion, you can browse through the themes currently available and test them out on your My Page. You can further customize your page’s appearance by changing the font and colors of the theme you’ve chosen.

You can change the banner/header as well in this area. When you are done making changes, dont forget to click "Publish" in order for your changes to be made to your page.

If you make a mistake or are unhappy with your results after you click "Publish", navigate back to "My Page" and click the "Edit Profile" button.

 That will take you to your settings. In settings click the "My Page" link on the left.


This will take you to a page where you will see links to "reset your My Page theme to the network default".  Which will reset all your changes so you can try again.

Play around with it. This only makes changes to your personal page & you cannot break anything, and the reset link makes any mistakes you might make go away!

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Lorianne, thank you for this information. It is very helpful.

I have one questio however:Can I not stop my avatar from moving?

It irritates me a lot.

As for the small round avatars,they look ok and are not disturbing.


sorry Heidi,

that element is not customizable. If i hear from others I will look into making a change, but not at this time.


heidi - sorry, in the rush of my busy morning i feel i came across quite brusque on my earlier response to your question. What i meant to express was this:

At this time that element is not customizable by individual members. However, the whole new look of the site is fluid based on several factors, including what members do or do not like. I am still receiving feedback and appreciate yours.

You are not alone in your feelings about the moving elements and its quite possible based on feedback that i will be removing it soon.

again, thanks for the input!




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